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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by harrison08, May 31, 2007.

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    Harrison08, I appreciate this--I'm always looking for derbies to take the grandson to...he loves 'em and he's won several. I got all the others close to us from the site, too--and I recommend everyone else with fishin' kids do the same. The Wal-Mart derbies are by far the best; they have plenty of helpers and lots of cool prizes, and they seem to be much more well-organized than other groups. They are also usually easier to win or place, too. Take your kids!!! :F

  2. the fishing derby in xenia at shawnee park is a good one if anyone goes get ur lil ones there early cause its usually gets packed quick.
  3. I took my 6yr Son and 4yr Daughter to Isabella's Kids Derby on monday. They had a blast catching little bluegills, each got a trophy and certificate and hada a great time. My Son walked the bank pulling out bluegills no bigger then your thumb for two hours straight! He got a lot of good practice in and went home Sleepy and feeling like a true fisherman. My daughter caught a couple gills, had some smores, then went shopping with MOM. :)
    Shes getting there!
  4. My bass club is putting on its annual derby this Saturday at Delco park in Kettering. It's our 25th year!

    Lots of prizes for the kids and free lunch to boot.

    More info here
  5. chefskip, I have to chuckle at the tale of the daughter. I have two daughters and the oldest (5.5) likes to fish when she's interested and my youngest (3) will catch a fish, then spend the rest of the time running around and picking flowers.

    it's definitely worth it to see the kids having fun in the great outdoors.

    Congrats on a great day fishing with your kids.