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  1. Just to throw this out to everyone, I am going to try and organize a fishing club/clinic for kids in the area. Try and get them interested in something good!
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    Odnr Or Your Local Warden Have Given Goodies In The Past Locally.

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    That's great that you are doing that. Years ago Myself and several other started a Get a kid hooked on fishing not drugs. We had a fishing tournament once a year with over 200 kids. We received a lot of donations from the locals and Cabelas. Cabelas required that we send them addresses in turn they donated a lot of stuff. I'm not sure if they still do that though. May be worth a try. Good luck in your endeavours.
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    Let me know how every thing goes! I'm interested in free prizes ;) Wait how old are you talking? :D
  5. Get with me if you want some more info.

    When I lived in Ohio I was a certified instructor in the "Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs" program. We did a fishing derby as well. The ODNR is very helpful. They have pre-rigged rods you can borrow for kids who do not have their own and lots of other things to hand out.
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    I am so glad to hear that you are trying this...i was a hunter safty instructor for several years and nothing is more rewarding then seeing a kid, be it male or female with the smiles on their faces. in 5 years of teaching the corse i have only had 1 kid that i could not pass, but was very sucessful. I am in the Archbold Wauseon area and if i can ever be any help with this as a volunteer or just someone to bait a kids hook....i would be ever so greatfull and proud to do it, good luck and get them fishing.
  7. Sounds Great! If you need help let us know!! We will do what we can!