Kids at WB

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by wayout440, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. What's the best thing to do at WB for getting action for the kids? I tried WB last month with minnows under bobbers looking for crappie, mostly at the shallow end of the lake, but pretty much got skunked except for one small bass.
    I am planning to get out mid week, as I also need to figure out the camping-with-the-boat arrangements at WB. We have an upcoming camping trip there for the first time. If anyone else does this - would appreciate comments.
  2. Hi!

    Really, you have to work for crappie. If you want to get the kids into nice, exciting (for them) fishing take the perch-jerking on Lake Erie. you don't have to go out very far and the action can be nonstop at times. If you're locked into WB, you should fish for bluegill with the kiddies. go to the back of coves, use very small hooks and garden worms, not nightcrawlers under bobbers. if they're there you will get hits immediately, if not then try another cove. These fish are pretty small in WB but it's your best bet. other than that, minnow under a bobber or a double hook crappie rig fished or dragged along the bottom is pretty much the two methods. a lot of guys fish the fallen timber with jigs tipped with minnows too. some wood is productive, some not. you just got to keep trying.

    Good luck