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Kid fishing need some help

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by gmrkatman, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. My daughter is bugging me to put her into some fish. She is 7 yrs old, not into throwing lures for eye's or waiting for hours on end to come up with one or two winter time fish. Any info on places with panfish (or any fish) that has relatively easy access and a good chance for her to catch something this time of year would be great. She specifically asked today for a place where she can use her floats so she can see the fish bite.
  2. Not sure about this time of year but these are the places I take my kids - #1 Hueston woods - great for bluegill and crappie and it's supposed to be good ice fishing so it should be good this time of year. #2 Rush Run - the pond, not the lake, the pond is behind the Rangers station away from the lake. #3 - early last year we went to the pond by the Germantown dam. Nice little pond with bluegill and some small Bass. Hope this helps.

  3. Any little creek near you. Chubs and hornyheads hit year round and she can use her floats.
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    Right now on the North end of CJ Brown the channel cats are jumping on cut shad suspended below a bobber, I caught 8 today in an hour, fishing in a foot of water standing on the old railroadway again back on the North end, I just picked up the Shad that were floating and used them for bait, it's an excellent pattern for this time of year, only problem today was that North wind was really cold at 14 degrees, that's why I was only able to tolerate an hour of fishing.

    The lake is way too low for me to launch my boat so was forced to fish from the bank, next time I'll tote the heater along.
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    Check the ODNR Trout stocking schedule. There are some stocking dates in the Spring at various locations that are "Youth only". I'm planning on taking my Grandson on April 2nd. Stocking begins in March.
  6. Bassmania, a couple of questions for you...

    As they say "you learn something new everyday", I've been to Rush Run a lot of times and I didn't even know there was a pond behind the ranger station. Going to have to try it out here before long. Do you park at the ranger station and walk back to it ? What do you mainly catch out of it ?
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    I agree with Walter!!! there are creeks everywhere and chubs will bite about anything.. For how small they are, they fight pretty good...
  8. Thanks guys! I am going to hit CJ Brown since my daughter caught her first catfish last year both channel and flattie, meaning she also caught the "fever".
  9. If you know where the Ranger station is, you just drive to the back of the lane by a shed and some gas tanks. You park there and walk maybe 200 yards to the pond. The Ranger told me about it one day when he was checking for my license. He noticed I had my son with me and told me to take him to the pond and he could catch some bluegill and maybe even some bass. I've only fished there 3 or 4 times and have caught bluegill but no bass. That's not to say they're not there since I'm still trying to figure the whole bass fishing thing out. The bluegill we caught were smaller but the kids don't care they just want to catch fish and I try to make sure they can catch something so they don't get too bored with fishing. It's a pretty nice pond with cattails around it and some weeds.