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  1. I have a 16ft lund with side console it weighs 844 pounds.I have a 2003 15hp Johnson I am trolling with after about 30 min of trolling it will stall out when I pull the rope to restart it there is a oil discharge from the exhaust. I called the dealer he said It was loading up! That I should speed the boat up to clear it out then slow back down.The question I have is how small of motor should I buy 2.5 ,5,or 9.9 the smaller the better for me what would get the job done without loading up? THANK'S TO ANYONE with an opinion.
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    I would just trade in the 15hp for a four stroke of whatever size you want. They won't load up on you.

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    Get a 6 or 8 horse 4 stroke, 4 strokes run well at low trolling speeds and they don't load up like the other poster said. for a 16 footer a 6 hp will do the trick no need to get fancy or alot of ponies on a smaller rig.
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    4 hp is what i use. you could also cut down on the oil mix by a tad? run sea foam w/ it in the gas. you will always leave an oil slick as you are burning oil w/ the gas anyway. i would also reccomend doing a decarbonizing on the motor with seafoam.
  5. Freyedknot what size boat do you use the 4 hp on and what brand do you have what is the top speed it will push your rig? Thanks to you and everyone elsa who has helped out.
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    16.5 lowe deep v with a 40 hp main motor. never measured the top speed on the gps but it has to be between 5 and 10 mph ,and prolly closer to the 10 mark. it is an 87 evinrude .
  7. Thanks for the help I am going to shop around for a newer used 4 hp.
  8. I bought a 2004 4 hp mercury 4 stroke from cragslist used it today off of huron has more than enough horse power to push my 16.5 lund Thanks again to FREYEDKNOT and every one elsa who chimed in. I talked to three local dealers all of whom said 4 was to small by 9.9 $$$ you guys know your stuff!
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    I just bought a new 8 hP last month. It's total cost was $1550.00 delievered to my door in 3 days. Tohatsu outboard 4 stroke. Same as the Mercs.( you can switch covers with a merc, that's how close they are!) very quiet motor and comes with a 3 year warrenty. Here's where I got mine:
    Great people to deal with. Answered all my questions and were there to answer any I may of had. This motor is super quiet when running and uses hardly any gas after trolling all day. I highly recommend checking these out. They make 4, 6, 8, 9.8 and up 4 strokes.