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Kicker Set-ups

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by TheKing, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. Am thinking of having a kicker mount for my 1983 Merc9.8hp added to my 16ft. Can anyone name some good rig brand/manufacturers? What features should I watch out for...good and/or bad?
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    Smokercraft makes one for there boats, I don't use mine but it is on the back of my 192 Millintia, had a trolling motor mounted back there till I forgot to raise it up one night on the river and broke the mount for the trolling motor and watched it take it's last breath as it slipped into the under water world of Jacque Coustoe and became structure on the river, only used the thing twice before I did the big DUH!!!!

    Might want to check with Tom because it is already painted the tan color as our boats...........Doc

  3. Ouch on the river structure. That's awful. Was it a weakness in the mounting structure or was the load that high to break it off? I suppose in some cases, it might be better to have it break off rather than sink the whole boat. If you had it to do over, would a safety chain have saved it, or would it have made things more risky?
    The 192 sounds very nice. I wanted to go to that one but my budget specified the 161. Thanks for the help on this.

    I'll call Tom and get to work on it. Did he do yours? I assume that you had the steering tied in as well? My 9.8 is a pull start and I was considering the upgrade to electric.
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    Actually I had the trolling motor mounted to the kicker bracket and just forgot to raise the trolling motor so when I took off it was in the full down position and heard a crack and watched it disappear into the depths, at the time the motor wasn't plugged in or I would have saved it.

    My 192 came with the kicker bracket mounted to the boat, now I don't use it for anything, just don't want to take it off, maybe use it as a cooler mount for cut bait...........Doc

    Like my Smoker best boat I have ever had, Son has one too, one thing I don't like about it is when it rains the glove compartment will fill up with water due to the angle that they mounted it, outside of that love it, well it's Lynn's boat I'm just the captain :D :D