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  1. I Just Bought A Baha Islander With A Merc 140 I/o. It Has Plenty Of Flat , Lateral Room To Mount, But Vertically, If I Wanted To Hand Steer, Id Need A Very Long Shaft. Any Ideas ?
  2. basspro cabelas, etc. have plates that mount on back to raise and lower kickers may work for you

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    Both Cabellas and Bass pro sell kicker extension handles . These work well for backtrolling. I don't know how you fish, but on big water, I usually lock my kicker down (Both steering and throttle controls have adjustable tension controls) and either use the main motor as a rudder, or put the bow mount down and use it to control my heading while the kicker pushes the boat. Hope this helps.Here is a picture of my son running the kicker with the extension at Cowan lake. It's hard to see, but he's standing in front of the rear casting deck. By the way, you can control the throttle with this handle.