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  1. Anyone here have a true inboard with screw drive? Where did you mount your kicker? Can you use your rudder to steer the kicker? This might be a dumb question but I saw one where the guy had his kicker in the very center of the transom and figured he might be using his rudder??
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    Strolling down the Vermillion river there are a couple charters that have a 20 or 25 horse kicker motor mounted dead center on the back of there transom, I have seen that myself. My asumption would be that they are using a TR-1 auto pilot, they are the best auto pilot for kickers that you can buy, they allow you to control steering and throttle from the helm of the boat and also set courses like S turns and a few other "trolling pattern" also allows you to click on a way point and the boat will take you directly to your point. Garmin just purchased TR-1, you don't even want to know how much they cost I believe they are over 2500.00.

    I don't know if these guys are using there rudder but I do know the TR-1 is very popular amongst charter captains that use kickers on there big rigs. You'd have to waive one down and ask them or post on more guy might know over there.