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Kicker Motor Pro's And Cons

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by TRIPLE-J, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Looking to buy a new kicker 9.9, looking at a johnson 4 stroke any body have any comments on these motors or suggestions on other ones. Any help will be appreciatted.
    Thanks TRIPLE-J
  2. SwollenGoat

    SwollenGoat Scourge of Hoover

    Johnson makes a good motor. Though it depends on what you're going to do with it, and what kind of boat you have.

    If you're boat is fairly large - say 17' deep V or larger, I'd be looking at either the Mercury Bigfoot/Pro Kicker...

    ...or, the Yamaha (8T or 9.9T) "high-thrust" models.

    They both use gear reduction and have a larger prop which makes a "night and day" diffference over a standard kicker in the handling of a larger boat or pontoon.

  3. ovlo


    I just bought I new 9.9 4 stroke for my boat so I have been doing a lot of shopping around. dealers quoted me anywhere from 2500-2900 for a new mercury 9.9 shortshaft eletric start tiller. johnson dealer quoted 2000 and a yanaha dealer said allmost 3k. then I started looking at nissan outboards online got one shipped to my door for 1844 no tax no freight.

    if you do your reaserch nissan and mercury outboards are outsourced by tahatsu up to 30 hp. I bought the little nissan put it on my boat and have been very happy with it. my buddies boat has a 9.9 merc after poping the hood and comparing there exactly the same one just costs less

    look here for the lowest price
  4. K gonefishin

    K gonefishin Eye Slayer

    I have a 9.9 johnson 4 stroke on my boat, it came matched with a white evinrude main engine. The engine is actually made by Suzuki, if you want a true kicker motor, i would say take a hard look at the 9.9 pro kicker or yamaha T-8, they come with a 4 blade very low pitch prop and a different gearcase made for higher thrust, there purpose is 100% pure kicker motor for trolling. My motor runs pretty good but I had a couple issues with it, impeller design is not that great and they burn up pretty quick, had to have it replaced. otherwise it's been an okay motor, nothing special but gets the job done, starts very easy everytime.
  5. Of all the small 4strokers out there the Johnson would be one of my last choices (right before paddeling) having seen first hand, operated and heard of other owners problems with them. Yammy T-8 or Merc Prokicker would be my first choices.

  6. I have a Merc Pro-Kicker which has performed flawlessly. I didn't want the clutter or additional cost of a second set of controls so I ordered a tiller unit and had a Trollmaster installed. Wouldn't want anything else.:)
  7. GPtimes2

    GPtimes2 Oh Deer

    I have an 03 Johnson (Suzuki) 4stroke as a kicker on my 22ft. Lowe deck boat. I have about 200hrs. on it without any problems (original impeller still works strong). I set it up on a heavy duty manual jack plate (lift it up and out of the way), electric start with remote controls, and quick link to my 140 Johnson 4 stroke (Suzuki also), so I can contol and drive it from the main console. I bought an extra 4 blade prop (sailboat prop as some call them) that hold momentum a little better that the 3 blade.
    As mentioned already, there are plenty of options, but I wouldn't not buy the Johnson for any particular reasons. I have been very happy with mine.