Kicker Gas Tank Question

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  1. No Room In My Boat For A Separate Gas Tank For My Kicker,,i Was Wondering If And How I Could Use The Boats Main Tank To Power My Kicker Along With The I/o? Thanks!
  2. as long as it is a 4 stroke or oil injected

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    If it's a two stroke and you have to add oil to the gas, there is no good way. One of the reasons I use bags. I took out the rear seats to gain more room, there is no way I am going to put a six gallon gas tank back there. Save up for a four stroke I guess.
  4. I've never done this and don't know if it's practical, just something to think about. Maybe you can make some kind of shelf bracket for a tank that would sit on top and bolt to the cover of the kicker.
  5. I was in the same predicament a few yrs back. I have an oil injected 50 hp Johnson. I ended up getting a 6hp Nissan 4 stroke,and running a brass "T" connector from from the johnson fuel line.

    One issue that I have, the Johnson can run on a sealed tank. The nissan has to have air,so I either have to leave my gas cap off or pop it open to let in air every half hour or so-depending of condition of waves.. No biggie and the 4 stroke is saving me tons of gas $$$$ along with no smoke in our faces.