Kerosene Recall!!!

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  1. See attached email... I got it from ODNR/Division of Wildlife... The sender is from a distributor in Western PA! Please check your kerosesne...


    I represent Pittsburgh Terminals Corporation, a kerosene distributor located in the Pittsburgh area. We are desperately trying to get the word out to kerosene customers in western PA, eastern OH, northern WV and southwestern NY that all kerosene sold between May 1 - August 19, 2008 is being recalled. Due to a valve malfunction at a storage facility, the kerosene supply was contaminated with gasoline. This is very dangerous and creates a risk of fire, explosion and serious injury. Our tests have found tainted product at 13 convenience stores in western PA, eastern OH and northern WV. We have established a website, to provide accurate, up-to-date information to kerosene customers. What we are hoping to do through your agency is reach folks who may be stockpiling kerosene they bought this summer in a larger storage tank at home or at a hunting cabin. We would love to supply signs (like the one attached) to stores/agents who issue licenses that include a warning about the kerosene and direct people to our website and toll-free number. We will go directly to someone's home or cabin and test their kerosene supply. If it is contaminated, we will pump it out and reimburse them in full. If you could post the warning flier on your website where hunters and anglers renew their licenses, that would be great. The PA Game Commission and Fish and Boat Commission have agreed to help and they distributed the attached press release to their massive email lists. Anything you can do to help us protect the public is greatly appreciated! Please feel free to call me or check out our website at for more information.
    Karen Walsh