Kenwood TS-520s transceiver, TV-506 transceiver, VFO-520, dg-5 digital display, speaker, microphone, cords, and manuals.

Does NOT include antenna, dummy load, or antenna tuner

Perfect home base station for new ham radio operators or preppers. I haven’t used it in 2 years but it’s been kept in a climate controlled area, has a little dust on it. The TS-520s goes for $350 plus alone without everything else. I can’t remember if the digital display still works, I don’t think it does but should be an easy fix and it’s not needed to operate. All the knobs were oiled before I stored it and they all turn fine. Comes with all the manuals. $400 cash no trades, I’m not shipping it, I would consider meeting within a 40 min drive of Dayton.