Kentucky Outdoor store?

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  1. Does anybody know of any Outdoor Sporting goods stores located in Kentucky? Stores that carry stuff geared for fisherman and hunters Like Bass Pro or Cabela's do. Thanks for the info
  2. i believe there is a Dick's in Lexington. That's the only one that comes to mind at the moment. Lots of mom n pop shops around Cumberland too.

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  4. Plapp's is in Florence, KY. Click on their ad...
  5. I second Plapps great store !
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    I think Plapps also has a place near Cumberland.
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    i was done last weekend visiting my daughter in ky she,s near lexington, and my son-in-law and i went to that store,it was really nice double the size of gander mtn but smaller than bp or cabelas,los of fishin stuff and a big hunting selection,my son in law said it,s on the outside of lexington but which way i don,t know he drove and it,s crazy done there with the traffic at times...