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Kentucky Lake Crappie

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by Snyd, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. I am planning a crappie trip to Kentucky Lake this coming Spring and need some information. If anyone on this site has been Crappie fishing at Kentucky Lake, can you tell me where some of the best places to go are. Please let me know because I want to try and book a room in the next month or two. Thanks
  2. I am a Kentucky lake Crappie visitor every year. Most years 2-3 times.
    I hit the Big Bear Creek and Johnathon Creek areas.
    On the West side of the lake about 40 miles to the south of Dam City.
    Close to Benton kentucky.
    Excellent choice for a crappie trip Snyd.
    Book a room soon as they reserve a year ahead of time for the most part.

  3. I went for the first time this past spring and stayed at the State Park at Jonathan Creek. I think I went a little to late in the season ( 1st week of May) for the Crappie. But we hit the Bass, Catfish, and Bluegill (Tuckasee sized gills) just right.

    Walleyeguy - What is the best timing for Crappies? I look at the Kentucky/Barkley fishing report at least once per week, but I am not getting a decent read on the best timing from those reports.
  4. WalleyeGuy - Where is a good place to stay? Hotel, Motel ....? Doesn't matter just not at the Hilton, something cheap. Thanks for your help
  5. Ok SNYD, There is really no such thing as a cheap place to stay there in the spring. It is their best time of the year and they keep cost up there.
    Johnaton Creek has a Motel and small cabins to rent out.
    Big Bear Creek has a wide selection of accomadations for the angler.
    Big bear has the condos which are fantastic for the whole week, kitchens, plenty of bedrooms and just a few steps away from your covered, electic dockage. They also have small cottage for rent. The condos have 2 levels, and 2 full baths in each. Even have a his and a hers honey bucket in the upstairs toties.
    Both big bear and johnaton creek have web sites. do a search and you can find them.

    THE KING;;
    It is hard to time the crappie bite there but mid may is generally the best time to go.,, Just like here, it is all weather related and water temp has a lot to do with the spring runs of Crappies.
    Genarally when the bite is on, 15 inch crappies are normal take with a few 18 inchers mixed in.
  6. Walleyeguy - Thanks for the info.