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Kentucky Lake Crappie info

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by Hatchetman, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. Hatchetman

    Hatchetman Senior Member

    A friend and I are planning a trip to Kentucky Lake for mainly crappie but will fish for bass also. I need some info on the lake like where to stay, area to fish etc. We are planning on going the 8th of May, That's the earliest vacation he could get. Any information will be greatly appreciated....Thank's....Pete
  2. Hatchetman.
    Here is some info from one of KenLake's guides. He writes "the" major fishing report for the lake twice per week. You can visit him at upcoming shows here in Ohio.

    Hello Bob
    Thanks for your inquiry about my service. I would love to take you out but unfortunately I do not guide for Crappie anymore. I only guide for bass now (Largemouth and Smallmouth) and have done so now for past 3 seasons. Not that I don't like to Crappie fish but the demands on me for my bass expertise got to be such that I needed to just go with them to stay on them constantly. I am now guiding over 200 trips a year on the bass. I will however recommend some very good Crappie guides for you:

    Malcolm Lane, owner of Hook, Line, and Sinker Guide Service (Malcolm and his son guide out of N. Barkley and N. Kentucky Lake

    Rodney Hairgrove at Moor's Resort

    Captian Kirk's Guide Service (out of Aurora)

    I highly recommend any of these folks. Thanks for the info on the ohio website...I will certainly check it out. Not sure where you live in Ohio but I am sure I will either be doing seminars at either the Columbus Sport Show or the Cincinatti Boat and Sport Show this winter or maybe even both. I was in Columbus last year. If you go to either of these shows stop by the Hawg Trough and see if it is me there....if so be sure to say hello.

    P.S. If you ever want to go bass fishing I would be happy to take you out and teach you my lakes.


    Dave Stewart
    Bass Buster Guide Service
    "Fish with a Professional"

  3. Hatchetman

    Hatchetman Senior Member

    Hey King....Thanks for the info. I'll try to put it to good use....Pete
  4. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Pete, if you go on May 8th, you should give those red-ear sunfish a go too. I've gotten them as big as 13"s from that lake. Use redworms on the bottom and you'll get them. Dont overlook the bluegill fishing then too. I went out with a guide named Brad Weakley. His web addy is . I think he's the best on the upper end of the lake.