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Kentucky camping

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by Jitterbug, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. I'm planning a trip through Kentucky sometime in September. I'd like to find a place where my family to stop and camp for a few days. I'll have the kids, so I'll need somewhere that has cabins, a lodge, or something other than just a campsite for tents, etc. It would be nice to be on a lake for some fishing, but I'm more interested in just having a nice setting to get away and relax for awhile. Something close to I-64 would be preferred. Any suggestions? Any help you can add would be appreciated.


  2. Right off I-64 east on mountain parkway. Tons of stuff for the kids - go carts, parks, etc... all the stuff kids want. Also, plenty of beautiful scenery and trails if ya like to hike.
  3. Thank you both. I appreciate the help.