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  1. Hey everyone,

    I recently created a club at Kent State University and we will be participating in the FLW Outdoors College Fishing Program. We are looking for anyone who would be interested in helping us financially with tackle, travel expenses, team shirts, etc. We would be willing to help anyone and give back to receive support in trying to expand our club.

    If you have any ideas on how we could raise some money or if you are interested in helping our club, please let me know.

    Our first tournament is May 9, 2009 at Kentucky Lake!!!

    President - KSU Fishing Club
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    more power to you! i would love to do this at Youngstown State

  3. get it started!!! if you have any questions about how to get this going, maybe i could help. i just started my club and we are fishing all 4 tourneys this year, i cant wait
  4. i might have to transfer, where do you fish for the tourneys?
  5. You guys ever considered joining up with the Ohio Bass federation Nation?
    John T
  6. i havent tried getting with the bass federation..... we are fishign kentucky lake, detroit river, miss river, and lake of ozarks....go to
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    The FLW tournaments cover travel expenses for you. I will be fishing them as well for OSU. Maybe we can set up a tournament between our clubs in Ohio.
  8. Hey sounds good, I already talked to your club President about this. The only problem is finding enough boats, at least for us. I might have a dealership that is willing to let us use boats, but I will let you guys know more when I find out.
  9. Let me know if you get something going at YSU. I'm not a bass fisherman, but could be game to give it a whirl depending on the specifics.
  10. Cool idea. Have you guys ever fished the big pond/kayaking area on summit road, or the little pond/swamp area accross the street?!?!? Its near the summit east parking lot and the big white farm building....
  11. haha yes i have. I went there so much that had to post signs and have police kick us out. Its loaded with fish, and big bass. Go after 5, everyone is off work then.
  12. hey ksu . hi my names scott i own a bait company here in edinburg ohio . i make all hand poured soft plastics .there is a good posibilty im am about to open up a tackle shop very close to west branch and berlin .let me know what kind of soft plastics you guys like to use and i can possibly help you guys out in that way and also as time goes by maybe in other ways to .i have about 100 bags in stock right now .and i can make just about any color you like so look me up and we can talk .. thanks scott buldogbait company .used to be hooked up custom tackle
  13. Wow, thanks man. I will PM with some of my info so we can talk further.
  14. Im thinking about going back to Akron. How did you set this up with the school?
  15. I work on campus, so my boss talked with the people who deal with all of the clubs on campus. First you have to find 6 people who want to join and help get it started. Then just fill out the paperwork with the school, and your official. It sounds easy, but it is time consuming. I suggest finding someone who works for the school and having them help you out.

    Next we all thought of ways to promote ourselves and luckily I met some people in the fishing world who helped out tremendously. I know this does not help much, but if you have specific questions feel free to PM me.
  16. I am really impressed on how well this is going so far!
  17. i am very interested in this...i am a student. im in!
  18. Hello Scott,

    I am very glad to here that you started a bass club at KSU! I am currently enrolled in my first year at Kent State Tuscarawas. If I ever transfer up to your school, (which I am planning on doing), I will be sure to join your team!

    Adam Doll
  19. To all of you KSU FLW anglers... OUTSTANDING!!!!

    I have had the opportunity to meet most everyone and have to say... I am beyond impressed with the levels of maturity and character found within these dudes.

    A huge applause to Fin,Feather,Fur Outfitters and St.Croix rods for gearing them up in BIG fashion!!! No doubt there are some exciting things ahead too!

    Many of these guys are driven by pure passion and going out for their first tournament level experiences!!!

    I can't wait to get my "Fish Crew" paired up with you all on Moggie April 5th for the OPEN!!!! I got the list from the last meeting...and I'm checkn' it twice :p

    Anyone fishn' 09' events, keep an eye out for some new faces- both fishn' our events and doing the work of setting up and tearn' down for the anglers of NE Ohio.

    A KSU benefit Father's Day Open on Berlin-June 21st is soon to be released.'ll adore them with their payout ideas!!! WOW!

    Anyone interested in meeting/joining ALL of these guys and checking them out for yourself, stop into the Rodmakers Shop Sat Feb 21st @1:00pm during our informational meeting for all 09' events.

    KSU Fisherman is workn' on the web- stay tuned for more details soon!!!

    nip...aka, coach ;)
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    Hey Rory and Scott,

    The OSU boys are gonna whoop your butts! Have you guys decided on a lake yet????