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  1. Aside from the hoga, of course. I have gotten in the habit of packing a collapsable rod and some light tackle in a back pack and taking off on my bike, so I am looking for any opportunities that are nearby. Any small public pnds (or private if you watnt to give me permission!) I have some free time in the evenings for the next few weeks, just trying to throw some variety in. Thanks everyone!
  2. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    i think down off of cherry st there is a park by the citys maint grage that you can fish dont know the name but its at the 4 way stop heading away from gauer rental i never fished it

  3. Think thats Plum Creek park.

    Break Neck Creek comes to mind. Think it runs thru part of Kent. Lake Hodgson is Ravenna water supply......out Summit past KSU football field.

    Good luck.
  4. Isn't Hodgson by permit only, though?

    I know where that park is, might give it a try today, anyone know what to catch in there?
  5. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    hodgson will cost you 2 bucks to get in or 16 for the year

    with the down poor we had plum creek might be muddy it usually is after a rain i drive by it every day i know there are gills mabey bass but i remember seeing gills
  6. It rained? Haha, you can tell I don't have a window!!!

    Just kidding, I knew it rained, didn't know how bad it was, though.
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    Fred Fuller has a location under the former Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad then Nickle Plate then back to Wheeling and Lake Erie..LOL
    Bridge that connected to the B&O{now CSX} back in the day.
    It is next to the treatment plant, go towards the river as it gets better.
  8. Well, I skipped Plum Creek and went north of 59 and SLAUGHTERED the smallies. I was catchin fish every 10 casts or so. I started off with a swirly tail, but only got a few light hits, then I switched to a silver rapala countdown, and it was almost immediate. Nothing over 12 inches, but it was a blast! Also caught a few small rock bass, one decent rock bass, a tiny gill, and one real nice crappie. All-in-all a great day. I don't need to catch big fish to have fun, that was a blast (though I am still looking for that elusive hoga pike!) I will be taking off this weekend, but I will probably be hitting that stretch up next week in the evenings, if anyone wants to meet up.