Kendall Lake?

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  1. Does anyone know if it was restocked with any bass. I was there maybe 2 months ago and all I saw were small bluegills. There was a guy in a kayak in the middle and he didn't seem to catch anything either. Thanks!
  2. Went there last weekend and was skunked... Looked great, but no fish. I think they haven't stocked it yet.

  3. Got skunked tonight... all i saw was small bluegill i think there is no bass in that lake this year lol they need to stock it
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    There are definetly still bass in there just got to fish it at dusk/dawn because when that sun comes up they all migrate to the middle of the lake and cool off in the weeds. Early spring and fall you can catch them all day and night but they are tricky in mid-summer.