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Ken Burns Viet Nam War Documentary TONIGHT PBS

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Snakecharmer, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Just a reminder that the Viet Nam War Documentary starts tonight on PBS...
  2. Thanks for the reminder ! I saw the promo yesterday but I likely would've forgotten and missed it.
    Thanks !
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  3. snag


    Saw the promo and gonna dvr the series.
  4. Also a reminder the moving Viet nam Wall is going to be at Perry high school(lake county) I believe 9/21-9/25. Free admission.
  5. fastwater

    fastwater My ears itch

    Thanks for the reminder Snakecharmer.
    Was a very good start of this week long documentary.
    Very interesting...especially the politics building up to the war and all the different countries that were participants in its buildup.
    Will continue to watch the rest of the week.
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  6. Gave me a new perspective on the war....Very interesting. Politics at its worst.....
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  7. fastwater

    fastwater My ears itch

    Absolutely a new perspective.
    Was not aware the French played such a huge roll in instigating the VNW as they did.
    Didn't realize that Ho Chi Minh was such a 'traveled' man.
    Very sad political times for sure...
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  8. I agree, its a good start to the series. I didn't know a lot of that info, and it sure got confusing a couple of times for me. The power vacuum left by the French gave a lot of other groups opportunities to wreak havoc.
    Interesting to see Nixon, JFK and Johnson in their non-presidential roles.
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  9. Was very interesting watch last evening. It is a shame we humans keep repeating the same scenario over and over. ( someone always trying to dominate / take advantage of others)
    I was very young when the Americans got involved and am very interested in the details of why.
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  10. FOSR

    FOSR name of Alex

    It's strange to take a step back and wonder about colonialism from times past. Why were the French in Indochina? Why were the Dutch in Indonesia? Why were the Spanish in the Phillipines? Why were the British in China, and for that matter, in North America, BTW at war with the French?

    Most of that had to do with lucrative trading and controlling valuable resources. And before aviation and rocketry, it was naval power that delivered the punch.
  11. Ya....Working in Boston....Never knew that...
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  12. I am happy they started the series with the history of colonial involvement and not when JFK started sending advisers in large numbers.

    I didn't know towards the end of the French involvement we were supplying 80% of the cost to prop up their military action.
  13. Eddie Adams/AP:

    "I found that from 1965 to 1975, The New York Times mentioned the names of only 726 of the 58,220 American military personnel killed in Vietnam. Reading through every New York Times article from those years with the word “Vietnam” in it, I found biographical information was included about only 16 dead service members, and photos of 14.

    There are just five references to the reactions of the families of the dead, and only two articles mention the suffering of injured American service members. Two other articles discuss the funerals or burials of the dead. This restrained coverage is far different from that of The New York Times or any other media outlet during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

    The U.S. military encouraged this change. As the Vietnam War dragged on there were mounting casualties, ever less prospect of victory and ever more reports of atrocities committed by American service members. In response, U.S. commanders searched for new ways to find honor in their troops’ struggles."
  14. fastwater

    fastwater My ears itch

    ...and as a pastry chef and shoveling snow in London...
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  15. Another good show.....So Kennedy wouldn't do the right thing and get out of Viet Nam because he was afraid he wouldn't get re-elected. You could tell he was lying in that one interview....

    Sad about the soldier who needs to have a night light due to the being a radio man in the jungle at night.

    I remember vaguely about the Buddhist Monks torching themselves but didn't realize they were doing it in Saigon as a protest against the South Vietnam leaders. That should have been a sign to Washington DC that people weren't thrilled with their leaders.
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  16. fastwater

    fastwater My ears itch

    Taped the whole week.
    Will have to double up tomorrow night and watch it. Didn't get to see it tonight. But I also remember something about the Monks setting themselves on fire in protest. But it stands to reason that at that time the Buddhist would be pro communist.
    I seriously doubt that's the case today since the Buddhist have since found out the hard way that communism does not recognize or will tolerate or respect any religion of sort...including Buddhism.
  17. dang it...I'm in WV right now. Limited TV service here and can't remember if I set the TV to record it at home. Oh well I'll have to catch it the next time it's on.
  18. As usual with any of Ken Burns series, it's a top notch, first class documentary.
  19. watching it is like reliving my youth all over again. it was on the news every night. i had five cousins there from 67-69, two were wounded. many friends were there too. i remember vividly the year i was eligible for the draft. my number was high but they suspended the draft two months before i got out of high school. i believe that most who lived through that era are still somewhat affected by it. i've nothing but respect for all those who served there. tough guys in tough times.

    burns is awesome. always has been.
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  20. JFK sanctioned a military coup against the leader of another country who the US was allied with....while on vacation! Saved the world from nuclear destruction, Marilyn Monroe, regime change....he could do it all :cool: