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Well were going to do the Detroit River this weekend but the reports of mud and cold weather were horrific with the MWC tournament weight-in for Saturday's leader only catching 1 walleye (11 lb) and half of the pros getting skunked Saturday, on river at Trenton Michigan. So instead we decided to fish around Kellys Island Saturday and Sunday picked up two walleye both days.

Both mornings we started out 0830 at Mazurik boat launch looking for clean/green water and found it NW, north, and east of Kellys Island in 38' 52' of water. Plenty of marks in clean/green 42/43 degree water, 2-4 foot clarity, SW winds 5 to 15 mph most of day. Trolling speeds .7 to 1.7, mostly 1.2 mph.

Saturday We tried the Deep Diving Bandits 10' to 100' behind the board both days, various colors. Also DHJ or Reefrunners or P10's, nothing was hitting the big boys. My brother Ray put one Berkley Flicker shad deep diver on right away, and had two fish in the first two setups / hour on the flicker shads. Nephew Tyler even pulled a Livingston Shredder Electric Baitfish Sounds (EBS) technology that mimics the natural sounds made by fish, nada! Thought we had a pattern so we down sized 3 of 6 boards and trolled flickers around the rest of the day, again nothing. Ran into and out of the muddy water where better marks and water temps 43 - 46 degrees were found.

Sunday pretty much more of the same, one fish on flicker shad in morning first drift and one in afternoon. Both days in South Passage there were 10 - thousand marks but 0 visibility! Clean water was mostly found on east and north sides of Kellys. Even caught and released a 4.8 lb smallmouth bass on a flicker shad!

Monday was forecast to be rough on LE so we waded the Maumee river at Buttonwood park, picked up one nice 24" walleye and snagged a dink!
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