Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by zachtrouter, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. zachtrouter

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    My boy the GHOST from youngstown just beat the hell out of Jermain Tayloragain. It was definetly worth the $60 even though they had 2 undercard fighs with 113lbers. little ass dudes throw 100+ puches a round.
    After we watched Pavlik dominate we watched the Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbott. Kimbo came out like the animal/nutcase he is and beat the living hell out of the 42 year old Tank. Great night of fights!!!!! Kimbo is the real deal and if you dont believe me go to and type in kimbo slice. You are in for atreat if you have never seen this man fight!!!!

  2. ezbite

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    cool, i went to bed. im glad kelly won. wasnt a title fight, but to be honsst, i didnt think he would win, i wanted him to. you know rematch of the century and all that crap. he's a local hero over here in my neck of the woods. great to see him win.
  3. TKO or points?
  4. Chuck P.

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    Kimbo is nothing more than a street fighter, nothing more, nothing less. He is good at it but the longer he stays around "professional fighters", the less impressive he will be.

    Why do you think he fought Tank? Tank is a street fighter also. Perfect matchup for him.

    At least when Brock Lesnar stepped into Professional Fighting, he took on a former heavyweight champion.
  5. Fishman

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    I thought the night was pretty good. First time I've watched XTC Fighting or whatever its called. Was very impressed by the guys, they all seemed very skilled and fought like they had something to prove. I too was watching to watch Kimbo go up against Tank. Tanks washed up, old, and no longer in the spot light. Nothing more than a stepping stone to Kimbo... who I'm sure once he starts fighting some heavy weight martial artist he'll be outta luck.
  6. Brock Lesnar did not take on a former champ first. He took on Min Soo Kim, who is a Judo guy with a 2-7 record, so he did the same thing. Frank Mir has submitted Brock Lesnar as well as Tank Abbott when he was coming back from his motorcycle accident and I don't see too much difference between Brock, Tank, or Kimbo. They are all big guys that want to slug it out without a lot of skill displayed (which is why Brock so easily stepped into Mir's guard while on the ground for that knee bar). Brock has a great wrestling background which he has chosen not to use in his 2 fights, which makes him a "street fighter" too:)
    Glad to hear Pavlik won again as I never liked Taylor anyway:)
  7. zachtrouter

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    Tank just wanted a paycheck thats all. He is beyond washed up and I doubt we hear of him again. The Ghost won on points. He dominated and kept the pressure on the whole fight. He just kept backing Taylor up and jabbing him to death. Pavlik is the real deal and now he knocked Taylor off twice who's next on his list????
  8. Kdog

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    I also watched the fite and was born raised in Youngstown now live just south of Ytown.Kelly is definately a local hero here and the best thing in sports since Jim Tressel was here.The whole community is rallying behind Kelly and for great reason,,,,Kelly always has good things to say about this community and is a real down to earth blue collar kid.

    Getting back to the fite,,,it was a good one.Neither fiter was ever really hurt or in serious trouble.taylor fought alot smarter fite than the first match.Kelly was the aggressor throwing over 400 more punches than taylor.Also Kelly kept the pressure on Taylor,backing him up throughout the fite although taylor did a great job of not getting put into the ropes where kelly would have T-off on him.The better fighter won but taylor did fight a good fite,,,,my hat goes off to both of these guys,,,both down to earth blue collar fiters with balls.
    Way to Go Kelly!!!
  9. Kdog

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    The next on the list is probaly either John Duddy a English undefeated fighter or there talking possibly Felix Trinadad.

    Kelly said in a interview right after the fite he'd fight whoever TopRank boxing wants him to fight,,,,whatever is good for boxing.Great attitude,,,hope he stays at the top for a long time.

  10. Whaler

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    Teddy Atlas picked Pavlik to KO Taylor in the 5th.
  11. Chuck P.

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    Correct, I meant to say when Brock joined the UFC.