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  1. I know someone on here has to have one at their house....

    I got a conversion kit for my garage fridge. I have a couple of questions.

    1. Do I store the CO2 inside or outside the fridge.... why?

    2. What pressures do I set the 2 regulastors at?

    Thanks guys.... If your ever up my way, stop and have a cold one on me!
  2. 1. you can store it either way but if it will fit inside you dont have to drill another hole in the side of the frige
    2. one of the gauges is how much is left in the tank (co2) the other should be set around 8-10#...less if it is foaming up, more if it is running slow

  3. ltfd596, what kind of kegs are you getting ? up here when house of Larose moved from akron to brecksville kegs went up 20.00 there now 90.00+20.00 deposit.for bud!! I think my low pressure gage is at 12lbs i keep my gas in the fridge.
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    What bigjohn and Joe said - if you don't drill the tap hole in the door, be careful, I have heard of people drilling through the cooling coils or coil feed lines.

    Joe -- keg prices (and deposit) went up at Tramonte's in Akron too.
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    Or even the one single wire running down the left side of the fridge :eek:

  6. From the sounds of it, I am going to put the CO2 inside. I have more than enough room.

    As far as what beer I will get. It all depends on what the occasion is.

    Most of the time it will be Bud Light... For special occasions I will have Lebatts.

    My dad owns a drive thru. He gets Kegs at Wholesale. A keg of Lebatts is $69 and some change wholesale, and is $90 something retail.

    Bud light is $57 wholesale and $74 retail.