Keeping waxworms fresh and healthy

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  1. This is probably old news for most of you older guys but I thought to help out some of the newer ice guys.

    If you ice fish enough to warrant large supply of wax worms. heres how to make them last longer. Remove from shipping container and put in larger container. I use plastic 9x 11 cake pans with a lid. Make sure to drill plenty of air holes in the lid. Inspect shipment very closely and remove ALL dead ones.

    I keep mine this time of year in the unheated garage. This will do well for about 3 weeks. Then they should be refrigerated. Sort thru them and keep weeding out the dead ones. Inspect about every two days.

    Order from a reputable supplier, jada bait is a good one, 1000 waxworms run 22.50 delivered.When you go fishing only take what you think you will use for the day. Jada's site also has excellent info on caring for their bait. I use waxworms year around so I always try to have them on hand.
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    Best is to keep waxworms at 60 degrees, they'll last a long time, maggots at 35-40 degrees.........Mark

  3. Just a pinch between the cheek and gum keeps them nice and healthy. LOL!!!
  4. OR...Just get some Gulp! Waxies. From panfish to steelhead the Gulp Waxies really do outfish live bait and fish really do eat it. Gulp Earthworms and Nightcrawlers are also excellent, but for whatever reason, I haven't had the same results with the Gulp Maggots. Gulp Waxies are a must have IMO.

  5. On the ice I use insulated pucks that keep them nice and warm. I think they are made by strike master. In case anyone had problems with them freezing?! Just my 2 c. Praying for a good season!!