Keeping minnows alive.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Stampede, Aug 10, 2005.

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    I haven't crappie fished but a few times and was wondering about keeping minnows alive in this weather.The wife and i are going cat/crappie fishing fri. nite.Were not going out till around 2:00a.m.Fish for cats a little while then look for crappie.I'm going to get the minnows when i get off work and keep them in a 5gal. bucket with an air stone and aquarium pump.I'll keep them in the garage where it is cooler.I think this will be o.k. and the minnows will be fine but what worrys me is out on the lake.Even at nite the water temp is in the 80"s.How will this affect the minnows in the livewell.Will i have to keep the livewell running continously?Any tips. :G
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    I would get a Minnow Bucket that is Insulated, That way the water stays cold for them. Keep the Bubbler on them the whole time, Dont put them in the Livewell either. The Lake water you fill it up with warms them up to much, and they will die faster. I also keep some Ice in the water, just to keep the water nice & cool for them.

    If they stay in a group in a Minnow Bucket then they have enough Air & the water is fine. When the start to seperate & come to the top of the water, you know they need some ice, Oxygen, or some fresh water.

    If I were you Id get a Good Minnow Bucket that you can keep in the garage & on the Boat. Use the Bubbler the whole time, Change the water before you take them out on the boat & then after they get used to the water change, Id add a Little ice to them. They should stay nice & Active if you do it this way. I have done it this way for years & the little system works good. Just dont throw them in the Livewell.

    Now if you had goldfish or Live Shad Put them in the Livewell, They are used to the warmer waters & the Minnows & Creek Chubs are used to the cooler waters.

    Hope this helps you out ;)
    Cat Mazter

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    grab yourself a few bags of ice..........fill the 5 gal bucket 3/4 of the way and add a half bag of ice along with your air stone........the ice puts them in slo mo and they don,t use near the energy or oxegen they would at this time of year, i have kept 8 to 10 doz large shiners alive for 2 to 3 days and 100,s of miles with a few bags of ice...........try the ice melts wait a while and throw some more in its all in the water temp................. :B