keeping gutters from icing up?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by hardwaterfan, Sep 10, 2005.

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    man every year i have the same problem. the snow melts off of my roof and into my gutters, where it freezes up and completely fills the gutters with ice. then i get these HUGE icicles hanging down...i think im going to have to install some of those electrical strips that you can mount in your gutters and plug in when there is snow on the roof to keep the water moving. :(

    any suggestions, im all ears. ive got to do something.
  2. Put salt on 'yer roof! lol

    Sorry, not funny... aside from the electrical lines, you can try ice dams which run about $2-3 per linear foot plus the time to install them (not very cost effective). The ice dams help keep the snow (which would be warmer during the day, and then freeze at night) from sliding into the gutters.

    All in all- it may just be a problem to deal with. Check your attic isulation... it may be letting off to much heat during the day thus creating a freeze/thaw cycle.

  3. Insulate your attic with R-30 min. The underside of your roof boards should be ventilated with the same temperature air as outside. This is normally done with sofit and ridge vents. These two improvements will minimize the freeze thaw cycle that leads to ice build up. Electric cables come with innitial installation cost and on going energy cost. They do work but should be concidered a band aid fix.