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  1. I used to be a big tournament fisherman (bass), and I won my share of money, on local reservoirs. Obviously, I had to release those bass after the weigh-ins. But when I'm fishing for food, I don't think twice abut keeping a 3-pounder for a nice fish fry for my family. Why feel guilty? That's so ridiculous. We're talking about fish here, folks! Not borrowing DNA from unborn human fetus'es. People have been eating fish as a staple of their diet from the beginning of recorded history.

    Nobody's drag-netting the rivers for fish, nor the reservoirs. But what gets me is those of you who think they should get points for releasing all those nice crappies or white bass. You did nothing to expand the species, LOL. Your intentions are good, but the reality is, you helped nothing. You would have done better to eat those fish.

    Lakes like Hoover, particularly, are subject to severe drawdowns at key times of the year. It results in stunted year-classes of fish, including crappies. Some years back, you couldn't catch a crappie out of Hoover that was bigger than 6", and that lasted for several years.

    Now the crappies are booming, I can tell you, for those of us that like to eat them, you'd better catch and keep all you can, because it could be over next year. In the years when it was great, like now, keeping a bunch never hurt the population, like people would have you think. You can't catch enough crappies to hurt the population in Hoover.
  2. Nobody's drag-netting the rivers for fish

    i wish that was true...if it was all the paylakes would be out of business

  3. patriot
    i don't see that it hurts to keep a few fish to eat. but i don't think its
    a good idea to keep all the fish you catch. if every one keep every fish they
    caught, that could have a drastic effect on the fish population, look what happened to the buffalo.
    baby bass :( :( :(
  4. So far this year I have kept 26 walleye of which 22 have been cooked and enjoyed by me and my family. Same goes for around 40 of 63 nice size perch. Have a package of perch and walleye in the freezer at all times so I can enjoy eating fish anytime I feel like cooking up a batch. There are times I will have four or five packs of walleye as well as perch so I may share them with my friends and always have some in reserve. I am very happy that the Division of wildlife has set a size and number limit on the walleye as well as the closed smallmouth season on Erie as I saw a lot of individuals keep very small walleye as well as many bass during the spawn cycle.
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    fish are food!! i keep what i think are good eating all keep what you think are good eating fish. what's the big deal? i was brought up by the idea that every thing was put on this earth for mans needs. yes, you can blow it by taking fish "or any critter" home for consumption that you can't even think about getting to cleaning and eating because you have more than you need! i am also one of the opinion that bass are not for eating. that doesn't mean you're wrong for frying up some smallies! we are all of our own opinion what is edible. no one is wrong for eating ANY fish they catch! the only thing wrong you can do(in my humble opinion) is to kill fish (or critters) and not consume them. just my own opinion :D
  6. There is nothing better than a fish dinner. My Dad taught me three things when I was young- never keep ANY fish with eggs, release the little ones so they can grow up and never keep what you are not going to use for food or mount. Some call it "selective harvest"- I call it respecting nature and common sense :)
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    in one arguement on "another forum" a guy saw a picture of mine that included a 14 inch bass for the fryer, he replyed with "oh a meat hunter how pathetic" this same person had a post on another forum how he caught "4 eater walleye" ....AS if a bass is more important than a walleye... some bass fisherman crack me up, dedicating their weekends to bass and getting mad when people keep them, what about the guy who dedicates his weekend to walleye or crappie? they all taste the same to me... if the odnr says its ok to keep so many of a certain fish , then i dont care what some shmoe says , nice post patriot
  8. Personally, I WILL keep Saugeye from 14" and up. I WON'T keep L/M Bass. I WILL keep Crappie 9" and up. I haven't fished for anything else here except Smallies and I hear that they are a sweet tasting fish. Unlike L/M Bass. If so, then I will eat them too. I grew up living 2 blocks from the Ocean,

    We ate fish 4 night of the week and the other 3 night was either Clam Chowder, Fish Chowder or Fried Clams.

    So, I grew up on fish and seafood. BUT!!!! I will not keep SMALL fish like the guy did last night with two 10-12" Eyes. Said they were great eaters. C'mon. That small? I know, I know, they were put there to eat. Forget it. You can't convince me to eat something that small.

    Later fellas. :mad: