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  1. We have had problems keeping the deer away from our plants. They've been eating our tulips and lettuce. What are some things we can do to keep them away? We tried mothballs, but once it rained they stopped working.

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    Call the odnr and they can and will issue you nuisance (sp) permits and you can kill them. Assuming you don't live in the middle of a sub division. City limits don't matter, neither does your choice of firearm. I actually know someone who got permits last year right in the heart of columbus, and used high powered rifles.

  3. Go to your local barber shop and get some hair clippings. Spread them around like the moth balls. The scent of human hair has been known to turn them back.
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    high fence, tried the hair, soap and sprays. they all work for a while, but the fence is the way to go.
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    It's a company in Loveland that I sold Bobcats to in the past. Dale Eads is a good guy and knows his stuff. The Scram is bloodmeal and the deer hate it. It keeps Indian Hills residents happy and that's the high-rent area of Cincinnati. (Like Marge Schott, Carl Lindner, Barry Larkin, Peter Frampton.) It works.
    He carries fencing too.

  6. Go to Gales Garden Center and ask for "Deer-Be-Gone"...It's some type of hot pepper concoction that looks like milk but is keeps the deer from going after your plants...I wouldn't spray it on anything I was going to eat though...
  7. My wife is a horticulturist. She maintains and restores gardens. She uses a product called "Liquid Fence" IT WORKS!! It stinks for a short while but some of her clients are seeing plants bloom that they have never see bloom before.
    You can get this at most garden stores, Home Depot ect. Good Luck.
  8. this is what i use. works wonders.
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    I am sorry but I have to raise this.....


    High powered rifles in the heart of Columbus? I need more info before I will believe this.
  10. The ODNR also doesn't issue damage permits for landscaping at residential homes in 99.9999% of cases. Those permits are pretty much reserved for commercial interests such as farming, tree farms, etc..

    Darwin, you're right about the high powered rifle in city limits, too !!! I'd like to get a count on the exact number of laws that were broken, if indeed this occurred (which I doubt ).
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    ill third that. i bought the concentrate, the bottle should last for 10 more years.

    deer are a major problem here, but hitting the flower buds with that stuff really keeps them away.

    also, dried blood. its a deer repellant and a great fertilizer. but it at garden centers.
  12. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll try some of these. It looks like Liquid Fence is the consensus.
  13. Gave up on Rose's a LONG time ago, & those big rats love Tulips.

    I bought some "INSANE' hot sauce over the internet last year, diluted it with some water & slightly misted some plants. Kept 'em at bay. But one has to refresh every week or so.

    WARNING- Wear some gloves,wash your hands REAL GOOD, & don't dare get down-wind of this stuff. Get some in your eyes & you'll wind up in a casket or wish for one. Also clean your utensil (spray bottle) or put it deep away in some corner of the garage or better yet hide it.

    With this concoction we planted some Rose bush's this past Spring, & it seems to do the job.
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    We always used dried blood or hair clippings.
  15. blasphemy! don't waste the hot sauce!!! ;)
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    Use cyote Gland lure !!!! Works Great !!!
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    THEE #1 SOLUTION is to have fish4wall come sit in your yard.... do this and you will never see a deer.
  18. DUDE!!!!!! :eek: that aint right!!! funny as hell but not right!!!! :D