KC Twitch Bait.... I think???

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  1. Hey guys, a bait was given to me last year and I believe the name is KC Twitch Bait. Anyways, I hear a local guy makes/made them and they're hard to find now.

    Let me try to explain what it is. It's basically a jerkbait (body and jerkbait lip on it to send it maybe 2 inches under water) and on the back of the bait their is a small propeller. (it's a topwater bait)

    What I want to know is do any of you know where I could find a few of these baits to buy? Any feedback would be great. I'm not even sure that's the correct name of it, that's just what I think the guy that gave it to me told me it was.
  2. Do a search for KC Twitcher and you'll find some good threads. Somebody just posted on here that you can purchase them on EBay I think?

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    I have them but my supply is dwindling...I had some on ebay but haven't had time to list any lately. The word is getting out on this bait, I have been shipping them to California, N and S. Carolina, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and some to the East Coast. I don't know for sure how much longer they'll be available my friend that makes them is looking to move South, once he does I'll keep all I have left so I never run out. I've sent PM's to all that replied, better get them while you can!! Guys with the price of gas and postage I really don't make any profit on these, it's more just a way for me to always have some. Send a PM if interested, no emails to the address in my profile as I don't use that anymore.