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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dddavis, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. i have been thinking about getting kayaks for myself and my boy. my boy is 11 5'5" and about 130 lbs, and pretty agile. i on the other hand go about 6'4" and 250 lbs and have a bad knee. how hard/easy are these things mount and balance. i read the posts on this forum and they seem to be the cats A@# for stream fishing. i thought about using our 12" john boat, but i think i would be more hassle then help. any info would be appreciated.
  2. dddavis,

    I own a personal pontoon boat also know as a Kickboat and it works great for stability and ease of use. Many stores sell them but you can check them out at under fly fishing. I mostly use mine on lakes, but I have taken it down the LMR and it did fine, I know of other people who use their boats on rivers too. It doesn't "cut like a knife" on the river like a kayak would, but I was told that with practice you would have no problem. If you do get one and are going to take it down the river I have some tips that I can share with you. The pontoon is also great for tackle storage and rod holders (I think I have a picture of mine somewhere on this board if you are interested in seeing it). Also, it is very easy to transport, I can put it on top of my car or break it down and the whole things fits in my trunk.

    To me it is much more comfortable than a kayak or canoe, sometimes I call my boat the floating easy chair. All in all it is a really great and stable fishing platform.

    If you have questions about Kayaks ask Little Miami Jeff, he know a lot about them or search for some of his posts.


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    dddavis, there's a sub-forum under the Boats and Motors for Canoes & Kayaks. Most of the threads there are on kayaks and there are many threads about the pros and cons of SinK v/s SOT, yak v/s canoe, yak v/s kickboat, rigging, etc. I would definitely suggestion browsing through that sub-forum...a gold mine of information on what you're asking.

    I'm 6'0" and a trim 235 lbs :)D) and use one of the smallest and cheapest yaks made, the Old Town Otter. I've used it for over 5 years now. You're height will probably keep you from getting a real short yak like the Otter, but I do think they are the "cats A@#" as you say for stream fishing (like LMR, New River, Ohio Brush Creek, Licking River KY, etc.).

    As for mounting and balancing, the balancing part is really pretty easy. I think most people's vision of a yak is a white water boat where people roll over and come up again. Not going to happen in a fishing yak, if you roll, you fall out...period. They're really easy to balance...although you will tip it at least a few times! Mounting is a different story. If you have shallow enough water to float it and to stand in (1ft), then mounting is easy. If you try to mount it from the bank in deeper water, its definitely tricky, I've dumped it more than once when mounting in deeper water (deeper being 2-3+ feet)....comical long as its not cold water.

    If you decide to get a yak (or any boat for that matter), don't expect the first trip to be the best. You'll need to get it setup right to really make it work for you. Straps, foot rests, dry bag, rod holders, etc. all make the experience and functionality of a yak better.

    I personally tend not to use the kayak to fish from much but to get from spot to spot, mainly becuase the anchor is a PITA to deal with (but not so much on a SOT maybe?).

    All in all, I love my yak, but I may be in for an upgrade soon. Something just a little longer and easier to get in and out of (two poor knees). I think I'll stay with a SinK, but probably something more geared for fishing than the recreational Otter. Until then, I'll continue to abuse the old Otter.

  4. :D thanks for the input. it is appreciated.
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    Good info in this post