Kayaking the Little Miami

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  1. A buddy of mine and I are planning a kayak trip in early june on the Little Miami. We are going to attempt to make it to the Ohio. Any information would be great.

    Has anybody done this before? How long should we expect it will take? Are there any good places to stop for lunch and a beer?

    You guys are a great resource, this is my first post. Thanks a lot.
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    how long would it take?

    how long ya got

    i say bout 4 hours give or take (hehe)

    just keep paddling
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    Hard to answer unless we know where you're starting from.
  5. Thanks for the link, that is great information. We are setting aside four days for the trip, just not sure of where to put in yet.
  6. You're doing something I've always wanted to.
    Put in at John Bryant State Park near Yellow Springs.
    It's roughly 80+ miles from there to the Ohio River.
    4 days would be paddle all day every day, not much time for fishing.
    There's a link to a site here or on the Canoe/Kayak forum under Boats that has info on low head dams, etc. from http://www4.wittenberg.edu/academics/hfs/tmartin/LittleMiami/LittleMiamiRiver.htm
    I'll search and see if it shows up. Somebody did a great job of listing hazards and what not for the entire length.
    Have fun, I've paddled the lower stretch some, PLEASE use the recommended life vests and don't hesitate to portage around hazards, I've seen people drown in rivers that average a foot deep. (EFLMR)
  7. Thanks for the information. We will definitely use the safetey equipment and portage when necesarry. It will be tough not stopping at every spot that looks like it holds fish, but we do want to make it all the way. We have no experience on the little miami. Ive grown up on the Stillwater. We had originally thought about putting in on the stillwater, to the great miami, then on to the ohio, but didn't really think that scenery and opportunities to camp along the way would be as good as the LMR. Thanks again!
  8. I live in Harrison Ohio on the Indiana border and me and my two sons float the whitewater river alot in the summer time. If the little miami is anything like whitewater we float about 5 miles and it takes 4 1/2 hours but keep in mind we stop at the deep holes for the sauger and walleye. Long story short it will take you AWHILE ehehehehe.
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    We do about 1.5 miles of river per hour when fishing. Some stretches more, some less, depending on good fishing holes. For an Avg, I would estimate 1.5 miles per hour when fishing.
    WEM1970.....I did a couple of Whitewater floats last year and REALLY enjoyed it. I was with the wife and we camped and had a great time. The fishing was surprisingly good too, smaller avg for the bass compared to LMR but I caught a ton of them. I will definately be making a few return trips this year.
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    wem1970, What do you use to catch sauger and walleye. I have fished the Whitewater for many years and caught a lot of smallmouth but no walleye.

    Thanks for any advice.
  11. wow, thanks guys. i was wondering what kind of speed we could count on. It certainly will take a while.
  12. that sounds awesome... wish i could ever muster up the time to do something like that... used to do it all the time when i was younger... sounds like you'll have a blast