Kayaking For Steelhead

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  1. Fished mouth of Rocky River for steelhead Friday morning because water was soo calm. No steelhead, casted spoons, spinners, and crank baits. Caught several largemouth. Anyone else ever cast for steelhead from a kayak? We had a great time, unfortunately when the weather is nice for kayaking its not good for steelhead. Here is a photo of my uncle Spike in his 14ft sit on top. Thanks Buckeyefly.[​IMG]

  2. We're going to be fishing in our yaks from the Chagrin or Grand when they come in a little better. If you'd like to meet up, send me a PM.
  3. You will need a little more stuff onboard when in the Erie district (where you were) than on an inland lake. A flag and whistle/air horn is a must.

    I have to carry more in my canoe in the mouths than I do inland.
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    Few years back my brother and I borrowed a canoe and paddled to the mouth (Rocky River) and drifted back thru the River dragging little cleos.

    We ended up hooking into one, but all the poles got tangled, we were not completely ready before you knew it, it was too late, line snapped.

    We laugh about it all the time.

    Be careful.
  5. I think we had everything from what I read in the Lake Erie requirements for manually propelled boats. For daylight the only thing you must have is a life jacket and whistle, we also brought orange distress flags and registrations for our boats.