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    anyone know where I can find an inexpensive kayak. I dont know if I would be better off waiting until winter to get a deal. I have been checking craigslist but there really arent any good deals.
  2. i saw some at dicks for dirt cheap.....dont know how nice the are though go to dickssportinggoods.com

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    My first response is Ebay. I got both of mine at a reasonable price...however, you may have to drive a little bit for pick up and with gas prices, well, you know.... :(
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    thanks for the info ebay isnt as good as it used to be. Doesnt seem like there are as many deals anymore
  5. check out D&D outfitters . he has some really good deals got my kayak from him and 2 other friends of mine as well got boats from there. he is up in deer park on Sharon road . and he also has a Ebay store
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    If you are near a Dunham's, they are having their annual camping/paddling sale. I am looking at their flier, and the sale is on this Sunday and Monday. They have a couple of good looking kayaks for $200, and good prices on some Old Town models, don't know how much you want to spend, but it may be worth a shot. I know there's a Dunhams in Bellefontaine, but not sure where else near SW Ohio.
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    There's a Dunhams in the Towne Mall, exit 32 off I75, in Middletown.
  8. Problem is - "inexpensive" and "kayak" usually don't go well with each other - although I suppose this is dependent on your definition of inexpensive. It is hard to find a really stellar deal as demand keeps the prices up. Good luck hunting one down, though.
    If you are willing to sacrifice features like rod holders, etc, Dick's has some decent stripped down models. I would also suggest Whitewater Outfitters in Dayton as they have a wide range of kayaks and offer used and outdated models at a fair price - they will even take you out for a test paddle.
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    Checkout http://www.paddling.net/Classifieds/
    Also outdoor.com I think that what its called, they have some good deals free shipping. I picked up a fishing yak all set up for $750
    kayakfishing.com sometimes has sales also
    Bernie at whitewater warehouse on Valley st
  10. D&D has (had?) a closeout special on 12.5 foot Perception Caster sit on top kayaks for under $400. Comes with set and two rod holders pre-installed. This is what I fish out of, pretty fair deal and his prices are consistently better on everything else.
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    If you just want a beater kayak for fishing, call one of the rental businesses on the smaller rivers around here and see if they have any they are selling. I got an aluminum canoe for $50. I did need to do a little work on it, but I will just end up bashing it up on the creeks and rivers anyway.
  12. Also check out Great Miami Outfitters in Miamisburg. They have a second shop that had about 70 boats on display when I was there last week.
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    Like was said before, ebay can help. If you buy from ebay you will probably have to drive because shipping is outrageous on such a large product. I used ebay to help hunt down possible stores in the Dayton/Cincy/Columbus area. Get their info and call them. Most are helpful and have a list of what is in stock and the prices. I did most of my shopping this way. Eventually I had an idea what I wanted. I visited D&D, Great Miami Outfitters, and Whitewater Warehouse to see the different brands in person.
    I ended up buying from Whitewater - a deal I found by calling them. Great Miami was very helpful and knowledgeable even though I didn't buy from them.
    My shopping was late winter. I found several deals - missed a couple - but found them. Dick's/Gander Mt yaks will work, but I didn't feel the quality was as good.
    Good luck hunting, it will be worth it!
  14. You should check out Craigslist under boats, I see them from time to time for sale, from $200 on up.