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Kayak tie-down

Discussion in 'Canoes & Kayaks' started by bcraley76, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Guys -

    I have a toyota tundra. Just put Yakima rack on the truck cap. Putting two SOT yaks on the roof rack upside down... question is since the racks don't come over the windshield, I'm I safe with just two straps over the yak and around the bars? Or do I need to use bow and stern straps also? I've gone on close to home trips with just the two straps without problem but planning a 7 hour trip at highway speeds in the next week.

  2. Provide pic - why not just in the bed of the truck?

  3. Because we're going for a family vacation and the bed of the truck is going to be full of other stuff.
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  4. Bubbagon

    Bubbagon Who?

    No sweat. You're good.
    Check them after an hour on the road. But you'll be fine.
  5. Thanks! That should have said... Yaks (not racks) do not extend over the front of the windshield. They hit about mid-roof on my extended cab.
  6. Bubbagon

    Bubbagon Who?

    I knew what you meant.
    There's no way to put a bow strap on them anyway. You'd be tightening against your rear window, which I know from experience, is a very bad thing, ;)
    Two good straps around the bars and you're good.
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  7. Maybe try Yakima for an opinion.
  8. chris1162

    chris1162 team flatty

    Make sure the straps run through a handle or something so they are actually attached to the kayak and not just holding it down.
  9. Bubbagon

    Bubbagon Who?

    For what it's worth, I've been kayaking and tying down kayaks for well over 20 years.
    There's no need to run any straps through handles, or whatever. Bow straps do NOT help keep the kayak from sliding backwards. Their only purpose is to keep the kayak from "lifting" off the rack. Which is why you're not supposed to "crank down" bow straps, but instead just have them "slack free".
    Two straps, around the bars, you're set.
  10. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    Eh, are you sure it's only 20?? ;)
  11. dhf125


    I am not familiar with your vehicle, but I have a honda accord I haul my 12 foot kayak around for the last 4 years. I would never get on the interstate without bow and stern tiedowns. Last year I went to southern kentucky using the interstaete. The two biggest issues on the interstate are the 18 wheelers and the draft when they pass by, and strong winds, especially strong cross winds that will really shake your kayak. I have a Yakima roof rack and also use two straps to tie it down. I also haul it upside down.
  12. I haul a 14' and a 12' yak on my subaru. My cross bars are only about 30" apart. I run two traps around each yak plus a bow and stern strap. I run it up around 80 with no problem. I strap the yaks down separately not together. My 14' yak extends almost to the front bumper. The wind off of semi's seems to be what moves the yaks around. My bow straps are tight enough so they don't shake in the wind.

    On my full size pickup with a crew cab I would lay the yaks upside down and use two straps for each yak. Since the yaks did not extend over the cab very much.
  13. Here's my setup. What do you think? Really no way to use bow and stern straps. ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1497709428.361233.jpg
  14. You should be good with that setup
  15. BuzzBait Brad

    BuzzBait Brad River Angler

    I've had 3 kayaks on a chevy cavalier a few times lol talk about sketchy. I like bow and stern straps though. It just makes me feel a bit more comfortable.
  16. Bubbagon

    Bubbagon Who?

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  17. Always a good idea to put bow and stern lines when you're doing highway driving. I do it. Those winds can really lift and put extra pressure on those straps. Plan for the unexpected. Better safe than sorry. Have fun!!
  18. TDD11


    You run 2 straps per kayak, or what?

    There's no way I'd go down any road with only 1 strap passing over the kayak. It needs to pass over the kayak twice, a couple feet apart, at the very least. Better yet, use 2 straps. Redundancy is never a bad thing when it comes to securing loads and safety.
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  19. Of course! Two straps per Kayak around each crossbar... is anyone dumb enough to do anything less?
  20. TDD11


    I think you'd be surprised. Lol