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  1. So i am thinking about getting a kayak and i am wondering if i can even find one i could be comfortable:confused: in I am 6'3" and about 315lbs. i am not that graceful so stability will be a main concern also this will be for small creeks and rivers
    thanks for any info

  2. Ya' know what Matt....I'm about the same size as you, and I've looked at a bunch of kayaks over the last couple years.

    Forget it...we be too big bro...

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    I dunno, I wouldn't think that.
    Check out some of the larger yaks.
    I've got 9ft Perceptions, but I'm only 5'-7.
    My bud got 12 ft Pungoes, he's 6' tall and there's still plenty of room for him and a cooler big enough for a 12 pack o' beer. errr, I mean sodas.....

    You could also check out the reviews here -http://www.paddling.net/Reviews/
    There pretty good, 'cause they're wrote by peopl who actually own that brand of yak.
  4. I'm 6'5" and a 'svelte' 265 lbs and I paddle a Malibu X-Factor. It has a carrying capacity of 600 lbs and is very stable. Some other sit on tops to consider are the Ocean Kayak Big Game and maybe the Trident 15, and the Cobra Fish n Dive but I've never actually seen one.

    Great Miami Outfitters should carry the Heritage Redfish 14 which may be worth a try. They also have the Native Ultimate 14.5 which is more like a canoe than a kayak but is is very stable, has a super comfortable seat, and has a capacity of around 450lbs. It comes as a tandem but is easily rigged as a solo. I fished out of one in Florida recently and put it on my wish list.

    I can't help with any sit inside models as I'm not real familiar with them. You may be able to find a tandem sit inside and rig it as a solo to get the capacity you need. There are a couple of sit inside solos that list their capacity as 325-350 lbs but you may look like you are paddling a submarine so I would try one before buying.
  5. How does the x factor do as far as maneuverability and how much water do you need before you got get out and drag :)
  6. I am 6'1" 290 and I looked for a year for a yak that was stable AND comfortable and I found it in the Ocean Kayak Big Game, its a little pricey but well worth it. I tried to tip it the first time I put it on the water and couldn't.
    A+++ yak

  7. Listen to Kenny G. He's on the money.
    I paddle with some big boys. Getcha a good sit ON TOP or something along the lines of the Native Ultimate.
    Paddle as many as you can first and don't forget to consider how comfortable that seat is going to be for your arse.
  8. Maneuverability of the X-Factor is pretty dependent on paddling skill. At almost 14 1/2 feet long its not going to turn on a dime. If the water is deep enough there is a rudder kit available but I've never seen the need for one.

    Loaded, the X will float in less than a foot of water but its hard to paddle in water that shallow.

    The major drawback of the Malibu Kayaks is there is only one dealer that I know of in Ohio. They are near Athens. The Ocean Kayak brand is more popular so they are easier to find.

    I'll second Andy's advice on the seat. Pick out the best seat you think you can afford and then buy a better one. Consider adding a separate butt pad too. A lot of folks, me included, have problems with their legs or feet going numb on sit on tops. Moving my legs around usually helps and I also get out and wade every once in awhile if its possible.
  9. Prowler Big game is only 12'9" and is a solid platform.
    Wilderness Systems also makes the Ride 135...little longer, great yak.