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  1. Was wondering if any one has experience using scotty or ram rod holders on a kayak. trying to decide which one to go with. trying to get my kayak ready for fishing.
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    I have scotty's on mine....

  3. My first suggestion is to fish with your kayak a few times before drilling holes for rod holders.

    Think about how you will use your kayak. Will it be on lakes, rivers, or both. Are you likely to be fishing in areas with overhanging limbs?

    I really like the convenience of flush mount rod holders, but they are not very practice when fishing in areas with a lot of overhanging limbs.

    I've use both the Scotty, and RAM holders. They are very similar. I have Scotty mounts on one kayak, and RAM balls on two. I got my fourth kayak just today (Pamlico 100), and plan to go with the RAM balls. I like the RAM mounts because they offer unlimited adjustability, and I use other attachments with the balls.

    However, I don't think that you can go wrong with either brand.
  4. Ordered a ram holder. they look more versatile than the scotty. Trying to get this yak ready for fishing is going to get expensive. Any sugestions on items that anyone has found to be usefull or required would be great. so far i have a boat , paddle , rod holder and my fishing gear.
  5. Are there good holders that don't require that you drill holes in the kayak?
  6. are you thinking of a clip-on device or gluing the base to the surface of the kayak? not sure how secure those methods would be.
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    I'll take a picture of my rod holder setup...they are completely removable for transport because the rod holders are actually mounted on blocks of wood that fit under the shock cords...pics to follow later
  8. looks like cabela's has rod holders that clamp on. I want to mount the ram holder i got for my boat but the weather seems to think otherwise. spent the day in the garage making a cart to transport my boat to and from the water.

    cabela's clamping rod holders http://www.cabelas.com/ssubcat-1/cat21300.shtml
  9. I am sure not trusting $200 in rod/reel/line/lure to a clamp on or bungy rigged device. Couple of small holes on the top of the yak is well worth it IMO. Worst possible scenario is you end up removing it and can basically bondo the kayak and touch it up with a vinyl paint with no loss of sctructural integrity.