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  1. I was thinking about purchasing a kayak to fish the local rivers and was wondering if some of you yak fisherman could give me some tips on what to look for. I currently use a 12ft. alum. boat but am somewhat restricted where I can fish it, and moving it around can be a real pain sometimes. I know there is a few die-hard yak fisherman on the site so any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I know their are many types of sit on designed for fishing. I have both a sit on (not specificaly designed for fishing) and a Old-Town 12 Ft diego model and like it much better for fishing. As I negoiate thru rapids I am not concerned about the rod or tackle falling out. And on sit in it's easy to just drop the rod and not have to worry it it will fall out. I would eplore both types. One item that is a must is a emergency padle they are short and when your fishing much easier & quicker to position to cast vs the long paddle.

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    SOT's = most popular fishing kayak.
    Wilderness systems/tarpon and Liquid logic/Manta ray
    are the most poplular styles.
    I own the Tarpon and can't complain a bit, awsome kayak.
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    Good stuff on ebay....got mine for 180, listed at 350. I LOVE IT! Mine's a sit in and it works great!
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    You will find out that people fish in both kinds of yaks on this site. I personally use a sit-in just because I know with all the fumbling I do while fishing, I'd lose something...

    There are advantages to both...I suggest going to www.paddling.net to get LOADS of reviews on the yaks you are considering...They will probably also have articles on the pros/cons of each type of yak out there as well.

    If it's specifically for rivers, a short boat would be better for getting around obstacles.

    With the guys I paddle with here in Northeast Ohio, my yak (Old Town Otter) is slower in the lakes, but does well in the tighter spaces of small rivers.

    If you have specific questions feel free to shoot me a pm, but I can't stress how helpful sites like www.paddling.net and www.kayakfishingstuff.com are!
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    Well, if you are looking to get a kayak specifically for fishing rivers then the website: Riversmallies.com is an awesome resource. There is tons of information on that site specifically about yaks and fishing rivers. You should check out that site as well. Also, try to demo a yak prior to buying it. If you're gonna spend a lot of time in it fishing rivers you will want to be sure you buy one you like. You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive right?

  7. I know the livery by Nisbet Park in Loveland has canoes on sale - not sure if they also have kayaks but might be a good idea to check out the local liveries for yearend sales of their used kayaks.

    I just got one myself a couple of weeks ago as Sams Club was blowing their stock out. I got my sit-in for $164, reg $298.