Kayak/Canoe Test Paddling?

Discussion in 'Canoes & Kayaks' started by ttoutdoors, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Is there anywhere in the Midwest (OH, PA., KY., IN., MI.) to actually paddle demo kayaks/canoes from multiple manufacturers side by side before purchasing? Excluding the once a year festivals or demo days. I know of Appomattox in VA. and Oak Orchard in NY. But, living in Ohio, I don't really want to have to travel that far.
  2. D&D has good prices, and will let you demo. I have got my last two kayaks from them, and will be getting a new one in the spring.


  3. I've heard of D&D but haven't had a chance to get down there. Not being on any kind of water, I didn't think they had a place to test paddle. I don't really want to have to load up multiple boats in my truck and go somewhere to test. But, if they'll let me, I guess that's what I would have to do.
  4. D & D demos boats at a county park lake a couple of miles from the store on Thursday evenings from April thru October. He carries kayaks from several different manufacturers but doesn't always have everything in stock. His prices are competitive and sometimes better than what you can find online.

    One hint, no matter what the stores normal hours are call first. I've gone to the store two different times an found it closed due to a vacation and a paddling event of some sort.
  5. I got my kayak at a dealer in Boardman. I was able to try a bunch out. I think it was called reo outfitters or something like that.
  6. Check out the Ohio River Way website. They sponsor Paddllefest in Cincinnati every year. I'm not certain about last year but the year before they had literally hundreds of new and used boats to paddle buy trade etc..

    I think its the 3rd Saturday in June.