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  1. I was invited by Sherm Champlin and Rusty Hudecek for my first MUSKY trip to Canada. I had a GREAT time and I think they did also. When you laugh until you cry, eat quality meals, drink great libations, catch Muskies that are WILD, and catch bonus Walleyes up to 28", it is FUN. We fished Chemong and Pigeon, and caught most of our fish on baits made by Mike Mordas and John Snow.

    The weather was beautiful, maybe too beautiful, but we managed to go 28 for 28 in 11 days, unreal. YES, 28 for 28.

    In 11 days we put 633 miles on Rusty's boat, and he put us on some great fish. I managed to catch 13 Muskies in the propwash, and Sherm and Rusty just shook their heads. Sherm took the biggest fish of the trip, 46".

    If you have never fished the Kawarthas, I suggest you go.
    [​IMG] RUSTY

  2. Great trip. You may be spoiled, even in Canada its seldom that good. They don't call em fish of 10,000 casts for nothin.

    May we all have that experience before we're called to the great fishing cottage in the sky.

  3. Great pics John. I am glad the lures worked out! Is that only one rod per person up there?

    I am glad the weather worked out for you. I think "Ike" got there before you guys did.

    Incredible............ 28 for 28 !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes John, it is one rod per person. When trolling the weedy areas, one rod is enough.
  5. Great trip and photos John and welcome home. See you on the Branch.
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