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  1. I spent the last few weeks in Kauai. We have vacationed on Kauai 6 times in the last 10 years, but I still have not been able to catch an Ulua. It is tough fishing with lures…just not a lot of action. It is true that the scenery is so nice at dawn that catching fish is only a secondary concern, but I still like to catch fish! Most of the locals are strictly bait chuckers, and after casting a 3oz spoon a couple thousand times on this last trip, I might switch to live bait on the next trip. I was able to catch a few Papio and some small Barracuda. I had several monster hits, a few fish that broke me off in the reef, and the the large Barracuda were able to cut through my 50LB leader without any problems (use a wire leader and NOT get any bites, or use a mono leader and have them cut through). So, if you need some tips on where/how NOT to catch fish on Kauai, I’m you man! Now, I’m off to Athens Greece on business for a week….anyone have any fishing tips for Greece?

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    Yea, fish the nude beaches!
    Post some more pictures of Hawaii.

  3. Man Rooster, atleast you didn't post this in the dead of winter, but I was just thinking about Kauai yesterday. That was by far the best vacation I had ever had. I didn't get to do any fishing while we were there the first time, but it will definitely be on the "to do" list for the next trip out there. I can't wait to go back. Nothing beat sitting back drinking a beer, eating fresh pineapple, listening to the waves, and watching the sun set. Only thing that could have made it better would have been a fishing pole.

    Maybe you should have used one of the chickens for bait...I couldn't get over the amount of chickens all over that island. :)
  4. If I had to survive on Kauai, I would be eating much more chicken than fish! LOL

    I only took a few pics on this trip, but here are a couple old pics of Kaulualau Lookout and a great pic my wife took of me doing some early morning fishing a few years back.


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    Sounds like the Rooster would be right at home there. :D
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    I asked a few locals and all the chickens runing loose on the Island are from fighting coxs that have gotten loose and now are everywhere. Last time I was there I crushed a package of snack crackers into crumbs and scattered them at my wifes feet so I could take a picture. Soon as the crackers hit the ground there were at least 200 birds at my wifes feet.Scared the crap out of her. The locals told me that the birds are tuff as shoe leather and taste like mud. I was told that all the other Islands have mongoose and kauai does not thats why the chickens are only found on kauai.I realy hate to fly or I would go every year My wife has gone 17 times.I have only been two times. I used 180lb florolcarbon leader and cought cuda and sharks without getting broke or bit off. You have to use crimps because you cant kont the line but its a small investment that pays off.
  7. I was in Kauai about 10 years ago. I took a helicopter tour of the island and the scenery was incredible. 10 minutes in a helicopter and you can go from an arid grand canyon like setting to tropical mountains with some of the highest rainfall totals in the world.