Katz and Yaks

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by donkey, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. donkey

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    We got out of shoveling snow last week.Did a little fishing and kayaking in the Wewahitchka swamp.Brought the Concealed carry for Bubba and alligator protection.Florida is a reciprocity state.;)
  2. mrphish42

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    Great pic's man..... What was that "gator" (in the one pic) doing disguised as a whisker faced cat, looking over the side of your yak doing........looking for a ham and cheese sandwich........or for you to take him home to dinner.... That stand of cypress trees.....sure looks like a post-card shot....Looks like you had fun. PS. and your dead on, about the snow ......great move.....Jon Sr.

  3. I wonder if that pea shooter would stop an aggressive croc ? ?
    Kinda scary stuff right there man. Dangle an arm and it's gone.
    My odds go with Bubba in his territory. Only Burt Reynolds know hot to fend off them "crackers"
  4. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    CROCS??? aint no crocs there!!! nics pics for sure.looks like a peaceful place.
  5. donkey

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    40 caliber Glock with 180 grain Winchester Supreme Personal Protection ammo.
    Alligators are only big lizards with skin as thick as my shoes;)
    3 years ago I went on a 3 day paddle through the Everglades with my Son.After a couple of close calls with nesting Gators I vowed I would arm myself If I ever returned to the Swamps.The being eaten feeling is a primal fear unlike any I have ever felt.
    The gun definitely gave me a feeling of having a defense/offense superiority even if it was a false sense of security.
    Glocks can also be fired under water:D :D [​IMG]
  6. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    Great pics and I don't blame you on carrying the "Extra" protection.
    If that was me taking that pic it would probably be a picture of my pistol falling off into the water as I clicked the pic! :p
  7. Awesome Pics! Post more if you have them. I would be interested in hearing more about your adventures in the swamps. Have you ever tipped the Kayak in there?
  8. donkey

    donkey Permanent Part Time

    Than I met the Catahoula Leapard dog.Bred for Hunting in the swamp.They even have webbed feet.
    Check link for more info.


    A little later I met Bubba going for a barbecue on his boat:p
  9. Great pics Donkey!!!

  10. donkey

    donkey Permanent Part Time

    Thanks Fishon.
    You will appreciate this one.The Swamp women clean the fish for their men.

  11. Classic..

    Now how was the gator stew???

  12. donkey

    donkey Permanent Part Time

    I didn't get to eat any Gator stew but I did eat at Po Boys:)
  13. How far off the beaten path did you wander ?
    What if you had to overnight it in the wild, or got lost.
    Impressive venture.
  14. donkey

    donkey Permanent Part Time

    I only went back in about 3 miles.Don't really worry about getting lost as I take my Garmin handheld for getting out.I actually have 2 Kayaks,one of which is an ocean Kayak with watertight compartments.We took a 3 day 26 mile self guided trip through the Thousand Island section of the Everglades a couple of years ago.
    Before you leave you must register with the Park Ranger and he will assign you a Chickee which is a raised platform set out in the water about 100 yards.This is where you pitch your tent and camp.This is necessary as the bugs and vermin on the beaches and islands are unbearable.This is what our setup looked like

  15. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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  16. cantsleep

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    Looks like a great time. I'm so ready for warmer weather, I envy you.:)
  17. donkey

    donkey Permanent Part Time

  18. Very cool and thanks for sharing..... be awesome to see all your adventures on a slide show type presention..

  19. creekcrawler

    creekcrawler Konfused Kayaker

    Looks sweeeet!

    As stated earlier, anything I put on the bow of my kayak falls into the water immediately!:(

    That nice Glock would've lasted 30 seconds.....
  20. Flyfish Dog

    Flyfish Dog Banned

    Aligators were a bit fun on my trip to Fla a few weeks ago. Snapped 2 photo of a 14 ftr on Pellicer Creekout of my yak. It will surely raise your hair on your body.