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katrina looters&shooters

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by misfit, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    with such a catastophe,it's great to see all the help and support going out to the victims down there.
    but on the downside,the usual scum has come to the surface also :mad:
    i'll never understand how people can take advantage of the such terrible situations,and do the things some are doing down there.shooting,looting,carjacking,etc.
    i'm with a cop down there,that was quoted on his feelings(though he knows he can't do it).
    looters and such should be shot on sight.then paint a big red Xon them,hang them up,along with a sign to let others know their fate if caught.i'd be more than happy to assist in the "pest control".
    the gougers should be fined,jailed and/or flogged for taking advantage of situations like this also.
    every time something like this happens,they crawl out of the woodwork.that doesn't only apply to oil companies,but many others also.
    watch building material prices go through the roof(no pun intended)again,as they always do.
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  2. I can understand when I see some of the looting going on when it is food or clothing. These people stuck down in there are trying to survive. I am not saying that it is right but it is certainly understandable. However many of these looters are dragging racks of high priced electronics, etc out ot stores for their own gain. That is just plain wrong. I could not help but think of how many times I have seen similar footage in other countries and thought to myself that those people are such low life and that our country is better than that. Well what I watched last night confirmed to me that disasters like this bring out the worst in many people.:mad:

  3. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Shoot them on sight!

    Did you see the two woman cops looting Walmart and when the camera man asked what they were doing they just mumbled "I'm just doing my job" while trying to hide their face.
  4. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    Yes its getting crazy down there and i am with brian on this one. If put in that situation and stuck in that city with no food or no help at this point for my family I could see taking a little food and water from a convinence store but it has gone way beond that and is getting way out of control.
  5. Lewzer,
    I fact I think it has been a total failure of government in LA. They should have declared martial law immediately following the storms passing and sent in 1000's of troops to secure the city. This is one point where "less democratic" countries have the edge - they don't tolerate this kind of crap. What's the line about protecting the country against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. These scumbags certainly qualify. I say leave the place as it is an use it like a prison like Escape from New York. Read the reports about them looting nursing homes and attacking hospitals. Savages.
  6. Forgot to add - the local govt decided to open the jails and let all the prisoners ransack the city....don't you think they should have moved them???????
  7. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    Ya i just read abunch more reports on line its basically way out of control down there. Very bad sitiuation all around and it doesnt look like those people will have it any better for several months.
  8. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    people grabbing a little food and water is one thing,and i can even understand that.especially if there are needy children,etc.
    but all the other stuff is no better than terrorism,and should be dealt with as've got people shooting at helicoters,carjacking and such,who should be shown no mercy.

    pete,i think i just heard on fox,that something like 18,000 or more troops are going to be sent in.i agree,the situation,being as extreme as it is, calls for martial law.

    the price gougers hve been put on notice,but now i want to see how swift the action against them is.
  9. yea- I don't think anyone has a problem with people getting food and water but smiling while carting off electronics and clothes and shooting is way over the top. Like I said the local/ state gov't did a very poor job in preventing lawlessness. Armed gangs should be dealt with severely.
  10. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    in defense of the local govrnment,i think they have had their hands full just with organizing/implementing the rescue/evacuation,etc,and lack the manpower to be everywhere at once.
    the state and feds on the other hand,in my opinion should have responded much quicker,knowing the severity of the situation.
  11. Just my thoughts, but who in their right mind would live in a hole? New Orleans is BELOW sea level. It's a shame what is happening, but when you see smoke and everyone around you is running away and telling you there is fire, a normal person runs away. I lived in Charlotte NC, moved there right after Hugo. Just the threat of a hurricane, I made sure that I could get out (and had gas for the chain saw).
    I am praying for those affected that God gives them strength and understanding, and I have contributed money to the Red Cross.
    It is hard though for me to have pity on them if they did not plan for this. Seriously, the weather forecast for a week had told them it was heading their way. I know I sound cold hearted, but in America we can better our selves if we want to and if we try. I believe that most of the people affected made a choice (to stay) and now they have to deal with the outcome. The federal government will try to help/save most of them, a waste of OUR tax money becouse THEY did not heed the warnings.

    Where was the federal government and the people of the Gulf Coast when the ice storm hit last winter?
  12. I heard them last night say that they were taking some of the police and rescue people and reassigning them to control the looting. I am all for stopping them from the looting but I would not want to be someone with a loved one still missing who had to hear that they took away some of the rescue efforts.:(
  13. I hope I do not piss everyone off, I just had to vent before I explode...
  14. I agree that there were undoubtedly some who stayed behind out of stupidity. However, many who stayed behind truly had no way out. There were hundreds and hundreds of hospital and nursing home patients incapable of doing a massive evacuation. Then since they could not go there were hundreds of medical personnel who served their calling and stayed behind to care for these people.

    The poverty level in that region is unlike anything folks in this region can imagine. A very, very large portion of those poverty level folks have no means of transportation so what can they do?

    Granted it seems easy for us to look at the situation and say "Who in their right minds would live there?" But in actuality a very large percentage of these people grew up in the same location and that is all they know, or knew.

    So I guess I am saying that it seems a bit harsh to judge these people in that way and especially in the current situation.

    By the way, no you did not offend me but I just wanted to also put my feelings forth.;)
  15. IMO-like someone else stated-Martial Law should have been instated immediately. I'm sure that after the first few looters were shot on sight, that those types of activities would diminish drastically. How would you like to be a business owner and watch your whole life (what wasn't already destroyed by the hurricane) be stolen while you watched helplessly? Looting is looting, no matter if it's water, baby food, Nike shoes, or electronics. People on the Gulf Coast knew for almost a week in advance that the storm would hit their area. They were warned to leave. If any people that stayed had half a brain, they would have made provisions for food and water to last them and their familiies for at least a week. Should innocent business owners (many of whom followed direction to evacuate) be penalized for others poor decisions? The looting started as soon as the water receded enough to get to the goods. I say shoot them on sight.

    I feel better now! ;-)

  16. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    till you've walked in someone else's shoes......................................i think you know the rest.
  17. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    Brian and Rick, thanks...! It took a lot to not comment. :(
  18. Been there..had the eye of 2 hurricanes pass over our house within 6 weeks. First wasn't too bad..second was terrible. I swore to never stick around for a third. None of this NO crap going on and city council passed no-gouging laws the day after the second storm..couldn't sell anything for more than 5% over the cost the day before the storm. People got together and helped each other. No power for weeks! And this area had plenty of "desparate poor" that didn't act like third world savages. Like I wrote earlier - the authorities released all prisoners from local jails. They had advanced notice..why not transport them out 2-3 days before?
    The only people deserving a pass on leaving are the old and infirm. Anything other than staying there was better for eveyone else. I can't get the footage of the yahoos smiling when filing into the Superdome out of my mind. Now they are near riot due to their own stupidity. I noticed on a show the other night when they were showing Homestead FLA after "rebuilding". Not one metal retractable storm shudder on tax-payer rebuilt houses - they said they were "unsightly" yet want us to bail them out everytime paradise gets ruined. I truly feel sorry for the old, sick, and children but others brought ruin upon themselves.
  19. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    I gotta agree with Master Angler and KMB. I know it will piss people off, but they had all the warning in the world. MY brother lives in a hurricane zone on the coast of SC. He knows the risks and is prepared. When there is a chance of a hurricane for his area he makes plans (aka - hotel reservationa far inland). A human life or a family worth of human lives is nothing to risk. When the storm gets closer the vehicle is fueled, items in the house moved to the second floor, and other preparations are made. You don't have to tell him twice to get out. Material possessions can be replaced. He nad his family cannot.

    The old, young and infirm had no choice, but the other yahoos down there did. We've all watched as even the best-planned levies on the Mississippi have broken (in the last 1 years or so), the buildings and highway systems in California deteriorate after major earthquakes.... My point being is that just because they had a man-made dyke to "protect" them in New Orleans doesn't mean they were safe. Mother Nature has a sick way of finding man-made weakness. Like somebody else said, the city is at or below sea level! Did they think they were safe????????

    Anyhow, don't jump on these guys cases. It's too bad many of the dead, dying and lost had to learn this horrible lesson. My heart goes out to them, but for different reasons.
  20. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i'll only add one thing at this point.............................

    on second thought,my better judgement tells me that's not a good idea :rolleyes: