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  1. anybody from OGF going out to Kansas for opening day?
  2. We leave December 6. We go out a little later so we can hunt quail as well.

  3. I understand that............I will probably stay out there and hunt quail a couple of days.......supposed to be a good year for birds.
  4. wasn't the best year in Kansas for me..............was too hot, too dry, too windy, and lots and lots of crops were still on............we did the best in standing milo that we were allowed to walk.............I bet 'ODNR3723' will have better luck this week.............oh well, will be back out there is Jan., and I bet it won't be too hot, and the milo will be off.
  5. i was wondering how you did? i am pretty excited to get out there. supposed to be good birds in the area we hunt according to the kansas fish and game web site.
  6. I am leaving the day after thanksgiving for kansas! We are gonig to hunt ducks, but the pheasants will get a bit of harasment also!
  7. kaiser878, what part of the state do you hunt?
  8. odnr, when are you going out, I thought you went out last week? which part of the state are you headed for?
  9. We are going to be staying in Great Bend probably. Although nothing is for certain, for we are free lancing and where ever the birds are is where we are going to be. I have a farm in Hutchinson that I have permission to hunt. So I imagine we will be there are some point as well. I was planning on centering most of my attention around quivira and cheyenne bottoms. Are you familiar with kansas?
  10. I am not all that familiar with kansas. We hunt in stockton and i am familiar with that general area. This will be my third year going out so i am beginning to remember more spots.
  11. I stay in Hays and hunt around there, usually south.......Ness, Rush, and Ellis counties. Really, I don't know where I am most of the time, as I hunt with locals and they take a different route every day so I don't remember how to get back to the hot spots.:) Hays is in the west central part of the state, I also hunt in Washington county which is in the northeast part, close to Nebraska---more quail in that part of the state.
  12. I believe Stockton is close to Hays. I remember being Hays at some point. I like the quail the best. I could do nothing but a quail hunt. The farm we hunt has one spot that is just loaded with quail and our last day that is our hunt. We leave December 6 and i am counting the days.
  13. right, hays is south of stockton..........good luck..........i'll be going back in january, don't shoot them all.