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Discussion in 'The Camp Fire' started by Big Daddy, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Please join me in welcoming our latest advertiser to one of our NEW forums.

    Kamper City.

    They are sponsoring our camping forum, "The Campfire".

    Check out their website by clicking on the ad, and, if you have any questions, you can PM OGF member "pabaker". He has everything you need to make your camping trip a winner!


    Thanks to "KAMPER CITY" and if you stop in, let them know you saw the ad on OGF.
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    welcome paul, sbe023

  3. Very much looking forward to the future of the ogf site. if any members have any needs or questions please feel free to pm me.

  4. Stopped by there yesterday after shooting the Brandywine golf course fire... Good to see you again Paul. What a great selection of trailers and pop-ups! And in the store, the outdoor cooking supplies... MAN I can taste the Dutch oven fireside apple cobbler now! The fire rings he has are really nice too. Heavy duty for sure. Plus, if you have a young-un in Boy Scouts, Kamper City carries all the supplies. Trailers, trailer hitches, the list goes on and on.

    Heck, just get to the store and check them out! :D
  5. For All Ogf Members Until May 15th You Will Recieve 10% Of You Purchase Of All Parts And Accesories In The Store. (excluding Scout Store) Just Tell Cashier Your From Ogf!!!! Hope To See You Soon........
  6. Just bought a nice pop up camper from these fine people.
    Went to the RV show and they had some great deals posted on all the campers.
    I didnt relize that Kamper World was a sponser here at OGF untill I hit the thread.
    If you looking into a camper soon, give these folks a try to pick up a nice one.