Justify the 5wt?

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  1. I have heard people refer to the 5wt as the all around rod. Anyone else feel this way? I rarely touch mine anymore. 3wt for panfish, 6wt for smallmouth and 8wt for big stuff. I own two 5wt's and everytime I fish them I have trouble throwing larger flies or feel like I am overpowering smaller fish...I could have the wrong impression. But it seems to me that those who hold the 5wt in high regard fish traditional trout waters. I guess I'm just missing the magic of it. What situations and types of waters do you use a 5wt for?
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    I use my 5wt tfo for bass. my 6wt is a cheap martin combo so it collects dust until someone wants to leanr how to fish or comes with me and needs a rod

  3. I use a 5 for 80% of trout fishing, a 4 for certain hatches (sulphurs) and sometimes a 6 for bigger or heavier flies---bass 7-9 dependant on the fly and sized fish

    you are probably correct where you fish---the 5 is going to be light for steelhead and heavy for gills---i used to throw a 5 at smallies but never hung a big one on it.
  4. the 5wt is great because you "can" do most things with it, it will catch steelies and hybrids, sorta. and I can throw and occasionally land a trout with 8x and a #30 with a 5wt, but one situation I want a 7wt and the other a 2-3. I would say the best would be a 6wt and a 4wt in combination, you effectivly cover alot more there.
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    I have a 10' 5wt,an old sage rpl and it has landed every spp I fish for and w/ authority. It is my go-to rod for hybrids as it's tip is soft enough to cushion those wicked hits but enough butt in the 10' length to kick some booty when I need it. I fished it and a 9 1/2' 5wt for steelhead for years till I got an 11' 6 wt and then a spey rod of 12'6" for a 6 wt to facilitate slinging shot and float set-up. If it's a good rod and not soft ,floppy glass hybrid a 5 is good and unless you use a heavy sinking line I'd say a 5 rocks for most of SW Oh,TC1
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    I would agree that a 5wt is a great all around rod. You can handle small flies in a pinch and larger flies can be thrown by adjusting the cast. Using an open loop and slower cast rather than trying throw a pretty, perfect tight loop. Forget the pretty cast and make a good cast. A 5wt has also long been the starter rod for beginging casters. This is a rod that I have as a back up for all situations and occasionally fish with when the mood strikes. Its a good all arounder. Its like the medium action spinning rod, cover most situations but is limited in throwing very small or very large baits. If you have two and a 4 and 6wt you may just want to get rid of the one you don't like as well and have the other with you just in case of an accecident. It also can be helpful when throwing lighter flies on bigger water or when nymphing is the order of the day. I use mine for smallmouth when I am nymphing or looking for a finesse presentation. Worth having around imo. S
  7. Brian,
    I really don't have much use for a 5wt. I like a 4wt, 3wt, and a 2wt for panfish.
    The 5wt is overkill for them. For bass, it's a 6 or 7wt. For steelhead it's a 7 or 8wt.

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    i think that this depends on what your efinition of all around is. I don't think it is appropriate for medium-large sized steelhead or salmon or throwing large flies for bass. I think that it probably works for most trout fishing and small bass. So the real question is what type of fish do you want to catch. Personally i have little interest in chasing bluegill or throwing dry flies at trout so it is not an ideal all around rod for me. I want a rod that can handle big fish. I think you can compare it to fishing line a 6 lb test can be a pretty good all around line but there are going to be fish that this will not be effective for. and if you plan on targeting those fish it is wise to accomodate the fish you will most likely be chasing. For me Smallmouth, Largemouth, Steelhead, and Pike. i think a 5 wt is too light for alot of specimens in these species
  9. Thanks for the replies. I am probably going to sell one of these soon. It seems like having two in a wt I don't use that often is pointless..
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    ryosapian, I agree, If I was fishing for tarpon all the time a 5wt is pointless, local waters is more what I was getting at. S
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    I like using my 3wt for panfish too but if theres some wind the 5wt comes out with me.
  12. i just purchased a 5 wt at the beginning of sumer as a all purpose fly rod and i cant complain yet pan fish bass carp going to be trying it this winter on some steel. I have noticed like you said the heavier/larger flies that you have to slow your cast way down or it will give you some problems but i like my 5wt
  13. I use my 5 wt as an "all around" rod all the time. Now if I just want to target panfish I use the 3wt and if I am fishing fast water I use the 7wt.
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    I don't even own a 5 wt. any more because I never had much use for it. But! I am looking for 11ft. 5wt rod though.
  15. I must admit, 11ft 5wts are fun:p , they dont fish much like a 5wt anymore though, but they do some cool tricks and land some big fish