Just started river/creek smallmouthing a month ago.

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  1. I'm usually into Largemouth fishing, but seeing as I don't have a boat, I was looking for a little more action. I read a lot of the threads on stream smallie fishing, and realized that I never considered going to the creek, until now. What a great time I've been having!! I must not be fishing the twister tails right because I never get anything on them (anybody with retrieve hints would be greatly appreciated). Funny thing is is that my second time out i found a countdown crank in a tree and decided to try it out.......Well that's what I've been useing exclusively, and I've caught plenty. I try twisters and tubes but don't get any bites. I plan on purchasing some more cranks on payday (friday), such as the Rebel Craw, and one or two minnow rapalas, but I would like some info on how to fish the soft baits (mainly Mr.twtister). I have the 1/8 ounce jig heads (white,chartuese, or black) and white,chatuese,orange, and yellow twister tails. I fish Big Walnut under Hoover because it's right up the street from my house.
  2. As far as soft plastics go for me, I usually Carolina rig (slip weight above a swivel with a leader tied to your lure) or even just Texas rig (no swivel, just a slip weight and lure) with a 1/8 or 1/16 oz weight depending on the depth/speed of the water. Like many people have said on other threads cast slightly upstream and let your lure bounce back across the rocks in to those deep holes and you'll catch fish. As far as what soft plastics to use, I suppose it depends on the stream/river you fish. I was using plastics that imitated crawdads but since the water has been cooling I switched it up to throwing spinners. Tight lines. MP

  3. I haven't tried a Carolina rig, so I'll give it a shot. I probably will only do Texas rigs near log jams, and huge boulders in pools. Thanks for the ideas.
  4. lately i have been using red spinners and white spinners depending on color of water.... when late spring rolls around i switch over to a pumpkin bed bug jig rigged with a red or watermelon with red flake craw papi. with the jig set up just flip it slow. spinners work great for jams and the jig usually produces strikes around the rocks and roots coming out over and into the water. other than that if you trust your cast rooster tails. if you want info on good smallie, saugeye, crappie, small spotted, white, and hybrid bass pm me and we can discuss.
  5. This time of year live bait can be hard to beat(bass minnies) I have had descent luck with cranks this fall, caught a 17-18" smallie Monday on a black/silver shad rap, my Son was killing them about a month ago on a el cheapo Daiwa shad patterned crank.
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    About the only plastic I will weight in creek fishing is a tube... and then only 1/16th, maybe 1/8th. I take that back, I will fish hula grubs on the same weight sled type jig. For worms and such, I'm throwing them weightless, 3" and 4" sizes. This time of year I have good luck with a "do-nothing" presentation. Find a likely spot with a little current and cast in, let it sink and set, let the current move it around a little, let it sit some more. To me, creek fishing is more about reading currents and structure, and less about baits.
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    Light weighted tube using either pumpkinseed or a brown color, a white roostertail or a small jig with a chartruse tail with a minnow. All of the above should work for you at one time or another.
  8. Yeah, the tubes in pumpkinseed worked, along with grubs in pumpkinseed (I us Yamamoto{I think that's how you spell it} grubs), with 1/8th ounce jigs. I still need to use live bait, but there's a great sense of satisfaction, for me, catching fish on lures. It's the nitty gritty science of "the hunt" that draws me in.