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Just One More Browns :-( Fan

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by papaperch, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. As I watch Garcia run for his life each time the ball is snapped , I think that the EXPERTS would see that we need somebody on the offensive line. The guys we got now cannot even remember the snap count. They must realize due to their lack of talent they need a half second head start. We could have the re-encarnation of Johnny Unitas and the results would be the same.
    " Butch " Davis has proved that he is a Great College coach. The browns have shown a lack of disipline since he has arrived. It would seem to me a team with a "professional football " coach that knew what he was doing would see his team improve every year. This is Butch ' s 4th year and I see us going no place fast. If anybody thinks that Winslow II would have saved this season they should be nominated optimist of the century. Even if he was a great blocker we would still have our " matadors " at the other positions. Wonder if they bother to shout look out :eek:

    I apologise to all you steeler fans for our team not upholding their part of being a rival. Until the Browns are actually able to be competitive , how could anybody see them as a rival. A patsy maybe but a rival never.
  2. It's not only Davis' lack of a game plan,or game day coaching,one also has to look at his wisdom(or lack of) regarding draft picks.
    1.Gerard Warren-total bust
    2.Courtney Brown-bust
    3.William Green-average back
    4.Kellen WinslowII-?????
    Considering that motley crew has been the top picks over Davis' tenure,pretty much sums it up why they're not progressing at all.Aren't you getting sick of hearing the local Cleveland "honks" telling us that regardless of their pitiful record that they're a good team.I've heard it twice so far tonight-"they're not really a 3-6 team,they can play with anybody".If they get hot,they may win five games,and hopefully,that sterling record will get Davis out of here!

    Pittsburgh still sucks!

  3. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    If it takes us loseing out for the rest of the season to get Davis fired, then so be it....He must go .
  4. Man I'm perched precariously on the fence about to fall over onto the dark side. That was pretty sad attempt at a football game yesteday by my beloved Browns. Gerard should have never (ever) even thought about spouting off during the week. He may have been hoping to give the team some spark, but it was out of line. Never mind the crap he spouts off is nothing more than writing checks that his butt can't cash. The pregame fight was stupid. Maybe Joey Porter did spit on William Green, but there is a rule that says neither team should cross the 50 yard line during warmups and Green shouldn't have even been there to be spat upon. Irregardless, all I saw on the TV replay last night was Green doing the spitting and walking off with a bloody lip.

    Offensively, we flat out stink. A. Bryant looks like he may be a keeper, he's got some game speed. Andre Davis may be a keeper if he can figure out how to make a consistant contrivution to the team. Garcia, in between running for his life, is trying to win games on his own because he has NO supporting staff. Things are going bad for Jeff, just as I would expect them too when he's trying as hard as he is to play every skill position on offense. Was Jeff right in spouting off after the game??? Maybe, if the coaching staff is ignoring his complaints. From where I sit, it doesn't look like Garcia is too far off base. To me Garcia appears to be the only one that cares on offense and he cannot make anone else feel the same way because the know they don't have to.

    Defensively, I though we played fairly decent. The goal line stand was sweet, but eventually the D wore down yet again because the Offense couldn't stay on the field for more than 30 milliseconds and out opponent only has to play on an arena sized field.

    Some say a new coach is needed, but I'm never one to call for anyones head on a stick, especially a head coach in mid-season. If I planned on dumping the HMFIC I would tell him privately and allow him to try getting something put together for himself after the season rather than stringing him out and leaving him twisting in the wind. For me it's just a common courtousy that you should extend to any employee you are planning to terminate a business relationship with (i.e. fire). But we got bigger problems if that's the direction we chose to follow. We're gonna not only need a HMFIC, but a GM, OC, DC and position coaches as well. I can't see many of the hand picked Davis assistants sticking around in his absence not to mention yet another scheme on both sides of the ball. I'm not even gonna go into the delay of game calls and time out usage here in the spirit of not making this any longer than it already is.

    Secondly, I'm growing weary of people like Warren. Do/can you cut him lose at the end of the season? Alvin McKinney seems to be able to fill in pretty well at DT, but that leaves you pretty thin at that position with O. Roye not getting any younger. DO you go out and sign some big name (big $$$) DT or draft one? We NEED O Guards in the worst way. Do you take pick #1 and #2 and dedicate them to OG??? Common draft theory says you never take a guard in rnd 1. Another DT at #1 and an OG at #2??? Vera and no spring chicken anymore and we should be giving some thought to what were gonna do when he starts suffering from "dimminishing skills." Maybe take an OT in #1, let him learn as a rookie in the OG position then slide over to tackle if/when he shows he can outplay Verba. Taking to OL in rnds #1 and #2 seems like a waste because ain't noone wants two rookies starting on the OL at the same time, especially Jeff Faine who has to sit between them. Although could it be any worse for him than trying to figure out which guard he needs to help out now? I havn't even begun to think about if there's anyone in the upcoming draft that could bring long term help to the OL that we could pick. Either way we're gonna have to fish or cut bail with Fowler and Zuk then decide where to go from there.

    People, as of late, have been into riding Jeff Faine and calling him a bust or wasted pick. All I can say to that is didja happen notice the difference yesterday when Fowler was replaing him??? Perhaps the play where Fowler was pushed backwards in to Garcias lap so fast after the snap that Jeff couldn't possibly get out of his way stood out to ya??? Almost as amazing as the Faine hate are the people calling for Busquits head after 9 games?!?!?! Ariens gets a couple years to prove his scheme, robo gets 1/2 a season??? Sad...

    Winslow should be back next year and give us a new O weapon. People can complain all they want about him being a "Butch guy", but he's a weapon that an opposing D will have to account for all the same. Shaun Jones should be back and hopefully challenge Griffith (who is playing like he's playing for his NFL life lately). So we should have the benefit of basicly having two 1st and 2nd rounders added to the roster next season for whomever survives to coach it.

    No matter how you look at it, we're a long way from the top when it comes to fielding a team and I'm afraid we're gonna be even further come the offseason. Yesterday only served to prove that fact all to clearly. But eventually we're gonna have to bite the bullet and get'r done otherwise we will continue to wallow in our no respect self-pitty for many more years to come.

  5. Lewis


    Excellent post as usual Blance!
    I fell over to the dark side yesterday.
    Its time for Butch to go.
    This team has not improved one iota since our very lucky playoff year.
    His continued failure to adress the biggest weakness on our team,the offensive line.
    His draft choices just flat out suck,although in his defense he has hit on a few late rounders.
    The defense plays with passion,but the offense looks very uninspired.
    I dont think anyone on our offensive has a mean streak.
    Faine...I thought he was to supposed to be the tough guy who played for 3 seconds after the whistle?
    Fowler..another bust.
    Verba..average at best..
    The rest of the line would not even make most NFL rosters.
    I think he is losing the team,and if the wheels come off,I would not be surprised to see Campo as interim coach.
  6. I'm not a big Butch Davis guy, but the problem I see here is almost a Catch-22. I think it's time to get rid of him, but he's been given so much power that when -- not if -- he's eventually let go, this team is basically going to have to start over from scratch.
    They'll need a whole new coaching staff, a whole new front office, starting with a GM, and a whole new set of players because there doesn't seem to be a lot of talent in with the group they have.
    It's not going to be an easy process. Believe me, I grew up in Detroit and went through this several times with the Lions.
    That may be the future of this franchise unless the owner can get a grip on things now and get a good football guy hired (maybe as a team president) to get this thing turned around.
    It's a shame. They seem to have an interested -- and rich -- owner, a good stadium and a solid fan base.
  7. Davis ran everyone out of town since Young Lerner took over. They can't blame anyone but themselves. Starting over is necessary. Courtney Brown will be gone next year, another casualty of team option, much like Couch. We may have to put up with Warren for another year.

    But it is time to take power away from Butchie, which he will not stand for. He will resign which is fine cause then they won't have to pay him for the reminder of his contract. They need to beg Ron Wolf to come back so he can build a team here.