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  1. Bought a boat from a guy in Michigan. I have all the papers that are required for him in Mich. Boat and motor titles, and registration for trailer. I called ahead of time to find out what all I needed to do to jump through all the hoops for Ohio. I went to Title bureau first to transfer boat and motor titles. Then to ODNR to register boat and get set of #'s to put on boat. They dont sell the #'s. No problem, she says just go to Walmart and buy them. OK. Next I go to the license bureau to trasfer trailer registration and get plates. They tell me I have to get trailer weighed (without boat) to transfer registration. I have the original Michigan registration with the weight right on it. They wont take Michigans word. As long as I have a weight paper with me to get trailer weighed, I can drive it to weigh station to get weighed.(without plates) Problem is the boat is on the trailer and I cant take it to lake and just let it sit there while I go jump thru more hoops !! Then they tell me the weight slip is only good to drive to the weigh place, not the lake. The thing that burns me is I called them ahead of time and asked them (license bureau) what all I had to do. They said to bring in the registration and bill of sale and they would take care of it. Now ,I'm busy the rest of the week and weekend and have to burn another day just running around jumping hoops next week. I can't believe Ohio wont take Michigans word that the weight on the registration is correct. Sorry this is so long, but I just had to vent........... Man, this ticks me off !!!
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    Just go to a grain mill and the will get you a weigh slip just take the one from Michigan and they will copy the weight

  3. The sounds very familar...

    Sorry to hear all bout your hopla....

    Try to this to save soem time...

    You may wish to due some reasearch to Find out exactly how much your boat and motor weighs... Print out the confirmation..

    Bring it with to to the weight station.... with Boat and trailer..

    Weigh both.. have the trailer management subtract that total from your rearched doucments.. and now you should have a correct weight for just the trailer....

    Now go get your plates...

    and so my friend you shall be fishing and enjoying your time instead of wasting it..

    Good Luck.. and i hope this works for you! ...in the end .. i hope you laugh about it while your casting away and enjoying your time fishin!!

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    I went through the same crap when I bought my boat from a gentleman in MI. I took the trailer registration with the weight on it to a scrap yard that has one of the large scales and explained my dilemma to the guy running the place. He said no problem and wrote the weight from the registration on his paperwork certifying the weight and off I went to the license bureau to get the plates and registration switched over to Ohio. Call ahead and talk to the powers that be that do the "weighing" and tell them what you need and I'm sure they will hook you up. Legal or not I don't know but that's how I ended getting throught the red tape.
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    I had a similiar problem last year when I bought a used boat from a guy in Illinois. I went to a local boat dealer who sold the same brand of boat and he filled out my weigh slip, without even seeing the boat or trailer. It's a joke really, I think the trailer must weigh over 4000 or 5000 lbs before it matters. Most boat trailers aren't even close to that.

    Also had an issue with the title for the motor. Illinois doesn't have motor titles so I asked the title bureau what do. The lady said, "get a bill of sale notorized by the previous owner, then come back and we will give you a title (and collect the sales tax). I asked, "What if I don't get a title for the motor?", and she says "The coast guard can stop you at anytime and if you don't have the title with you, they can confiscate the motor.". I chuckled and left. :D
  6. They do this is to help control all the stolen motors, boats and trailers. And of course collect $$.
    They should do more of this checking, there is a lot of stolen stuff being resold.

    Be sure to always have all your up-to-date papers aboard
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    I went through this with my boat I brought from Virginia. The trailer was something like 1500-2000 lbs under the limit which puts the trailer in the next higher wt category. They wouldn't take a signed letter from the president of the trailer company stating the weight of the trailer.

  8. I agree with Krusty and bass. If you live near a farm supply store or grain mill, take your Michigan registration with you and they'll likely hook you up. You can definitely get this done without unloading your boat. I had a similar issue with a utility trailer a few years ago. What a PITA.
  9. wow shake - sorry to hear this, but also glad. I am looking at a boat in MI and may go up there to really look at it...guess i know what to look forward to if i get it....I would have never thought about getting only the trailer weight or Ohio would not just transfer the weights
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    Its really not that big of deal if you know what to do ;)
  11. You don't have to have the title of the outboard with you. You only need to have boat registration with you. I have been check by Div. of watercraft and they never once have asked to let's see the title for you 25HP outboard.

    You do have to have it titled though. Just not with you on board.
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    I don't understand. I bought my boat and trailer from Florida and I didn't have one problem getting it titled or registered. They took all my papers and I was out of there in a few minutes. The weight was on the title. And I never had to get anything weighed. The only thing I didn't have was a registration for the motor (not required in Fl). And they took care of that as well for me. :confused:
  13. Each state is different, and have different requirements. Trailers are not titled in ohio, but the title bureau will recognized a title from another state as evidence of the weight because it is a government document (as in your case). Hearing Shake's problem here, I will guess MI does not title trailers, or the weight would be listed on it. I am suprised they wouldnt accept the registration as evidence of the weight. Most states do not title outboards, Ohio is one of about 6 states who do. That is where the problem lies, each state requires something different.

    Good luck Shake n Bake
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    I purchased my boat from MI also.

    Ohio BMV will not accept the weight on the MI registration for issuance of an OHIO registration, you must have the trailer weighed. You can get the weigh slips at any BMV location.

    Mine was easier because I called the BMV prior to purchasing this boat and knew what was required prior to walking in to change the registration. It was easy and simple for me.

    I had a local grain dealer sign the weigh slip, they weighed it with boat ON trailer and we did a little math, and looked at the MI registration:)
  15. Ohio BMV is a pain in the %^&$# when it comes to selling an out-of-state boat. I sold my Bullet (which was originally purchased in Eastern Pennsylvania) to a guy here in Ohio after I moved here. The fact that I was an Ohio resident with a boat registered/titled in PA selling to another guy in Ohio seemed to completely confuse them. We boat missed a day of work all told. GIMME A BREAK! It's a boat, not a house!

    I guess just keep in mind once you get your boat out on the lake, that is exactly the type of idiocy and excess harassment that you're getting away from.

    Good Fishin'

  16. This cant determine whether anything was stolen or not. Trailors are not titled in OH, only registered, you can get a legal registration for any trailor with just a weight slip. It sucks but thats the way it is, you can steal any trailor and get it weighed and go to the BMV and get a regisration for it in your name.

    I think its rediculous that they are making you go through this, I would just do as others have suggested and go to a grain mill or a truck stop. Any weight slip will work as long as it comes from a certified scale. Good luck!!