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  1. Ended up getting a 25" female out of the grand today......

    My question is fishing the eggs I got out of her. I have been told many different things from cure them, to do nothing and fish them with the skein on?

    They are in the fridge now, I would at least like to get them cleaned up!

    Any thoughts here?
  2. Here is my 2ct worth. NO cure. Dry the eggs, I use a paper plate with paper towel under and on top. I let them sit in the frige for a few hours. Then you can scrape the eggs from the membrane with a spoon. Get the sac material and majic thread and tie them all up. I then freeze in a tupperware container with a little, 1/8" max of borak on the bottom of the container. The borax is used as a cure but I use it so the slimmy bottom egg sacs do not freeze to the bottom of the container. Then just take as many sacs as you need for the outing. I went out this afternoon after work and took 8 sacs. Different collors and different eggs. For me lately only the king eggs are producing as was the fact today.
    The left over after the trip will keep for a week or so in the fridge. I stay away from the cure and it has worked for me for some time.

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    I do something very similar to brickman. I first try to remove as much blood as possible from the scein. The blood is what makes the eggs go bad (I always bleed my fish too before taking them home). After removing the sceins, I use a paper towel and just dab each side of the scein. I will then use a small pair of scissors and cut up the eggs, scein and all, onto my sacks that I lay out. The membrane (scein) has a scent that drives steelhead crazy and every little bit of scent helps when fishing chromers. Usually, until around Feb or March, I will use scein rather than the loose eggs. It's all about personal preference though, just find what works for you.

    You can also take the other scein and freeze it, no cure. Just pat it dry and put it in a ziplock. Also, never unfreeze the eggs too fast. They become goopy, extremely hard to work with, and the eggs will break easily. I usually take mine out of the freezer and put them in the fridge a few days before I plan on fishing. Crank up that fridge!

    I have had many different fisherman, all of which were very skilled and knowlegable, argue on whether king salmon eggs or steelhead eggs work better. I prefer salmon, but fresh steelhead eggs will put store bought eggs to shame.
  4. Thanks for the help! I will get the blood off of them, and get some materials tomorrow! Thanks!
  5. Carpman if you going to use them up rather quickly no need to freez just put the scien in a sealed container and put in fridge.
  6. Nice job Carpman. Too bad I had to go to work. I might have to check out those spots next week. Let me know when were going again
  7. No prob Dirt boy, we had a good day!

    Question.....Do you guys recommend putting some floating trout bait in the netting with the eggs, kinda like gander mountain's eggs are? Thanks!
  8. The best way I have found with fresh eggs is no sac just cut little chuncks from the egg row. It's kinda messy but works very well. I am going to try and get up and do some fishing today, either grand or conny havn't made up my mind.
  9. I like to cure my eggs just so that they last longer (several months refridgerated) and hold up better than when frozen. When freezing eggs, unless you have them vacum sealed, you will likely get some freezer burn and overall the eggs just don't come out of the freezer as nice as they went in.

    Bleed your fish out on the water 10 minutes before you are ready to leave. At home, rinse off any remaining blood from eggs, preferably with purified water since the scent of the metals found in tap water can be absorbed into the eggs. I like to pull the skein apart with my fingers and loosen up the eggs somewhat (I wear latex gloves to keep my scent off the eggs and sometimes the egg goo irritates my skin). I always tie up at least a couple dozen sacs of fresh uncured eggs before I cure the rest. Fresh uncured eggs can last as long as 3 weeks refridgerated in an air tight container.

    Curing eggs...There are many brands of cures out there that you can purchase. Some are dry cures and others get dissolved in water to create a curing solution and nearly if not all these cures have boric acid as their main active ingredient. Borax, (detergent comprised mainly of boric acid), is a cheap and effective alternative for curing eggs. To cure eggs with Borax, simply shake a light coating onto your eggs in a dish. Mix together, and allow juice to form. Let soak at room temperature for 30 min to one hour stirring occasionally. Strain off the liquid and rinse with purified water. Strain, and allow to air dry for at least 30 minutes or until you have the texture you prefer.

    Those 'floating' egg sacs have little styrofoam balls in them, not trout bait. You can find the styrofoam balls in various colors next to the sac tying materials. While fishing sacs beneath a float I have never seen the need for them. I could see them being more useful when bottom bouncing rather than float fishing.

  10. Well, since I won't be using a float anymore, i'll get some of the styrofoam balls.......Thanks for the information!
  11. You can use the trout bait, too. I know some guys that swear by this. It gives it pretty much the same presentation as those little styrofoam balls, plus adds scent.
  12. CARPMAN.....Why no more float????
  13. Carpman, I'll bring you a float that might not break the stops, I forgot I had them at the house. See ya in the morning.

  14. Thanks, can def use them!

    I think I like fishing the bottom with just a split, I don't know yet. Seems like I had a lot more bites using a split shot-leader-bait.
  15. It all depends what kind of water you're fishing. If you're fishing faster, shallower water, you'd be ok without a float. But IMO, the slower, deeper holes are better off with a float.
  16. You are right in that sense arch, I would use a float. but the places I have been fishing lately do not require one!
  17. "Borax" is NOT a detergent(it is a mineral laundry 'additive' to leave clothes smelling fresh(and a cure for eggs). "Boraxo" is a detergent and you DON'T want to put that stuff on your eggs!! Just for the record-don't get them confused.