Just got back from the Niagara

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  1. My wife and I went on our annual king salmon trip with Captain Vince Pierleoni on the Niagara River out of Lewiston, NY. The fishing seemed a little slower than the years before. We didn't have high expectations due to the water still being so warm. It started off very slow, only seeing one fished hooked in the first 2 hours. Then it seemed to turn on. Katie was the only one that landed anything. She caught two really nice kings. I had one on but lost it at the boat. If anyone is thinking about going up there, I highly recommend Captain Vince. He always does a great job. Pictures to come.
  2. Here are the pics from today.

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    looks like a fun trip. we never did make it up to mich. for salmon this year :(
  4. way to go!!!!! those are some nice fish looks like fun
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    whats the setup? spinning outfits ? trolling? great fish you have there . i am envious !

  6. if you fish the river from boat they bascially verticaly fish for them, lightly ticking the bottom with 1-1.5 oz of lead! I fly fish the Niagara, and always have fun! There are alot of great guides up there!
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    I fished with Vince a couple years ago, good guy, good time.
  8. What does a trip with Vince usually run?
  9. Steelheader007 is right, you are vertically fishing egg clusters on the bottom with around 2 oz of weight. You get snagged sometimes but the guides always tell you to be on the bottom. I don't think my wife has any clue where the bottom is. If I had to guess, she's a foot to two feet off the bottom, and she always catches more than me and gets less snags.

    It will cost around $300 for 6 hours of fishing. It's well worth the cost. If you want Vince's number just PM me.
  10. That is some Impressive looking fish there Joel!!!!

    I'm jealous!!!!! Stuck here working!!!!! LOL

    Hey, you and wife deserved a fun and exciting trip!!!

  11. Nice fish Joel! Congrats on a GREAT trip!!!
  12. Joel,

    Way to go on the Kings. They are fun to catch in that current. I've got 2 days scheduled with Vinnie in December. I don't think I have to worry about the water being too warm.

  13. Nice fish! Katie is one heck of a fisherwoman! She got mad skill!
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    Outfished by Katie again???
    Got any eggs??? :)
  15. Nice sized kings right there!

  16. Nice fish! I stare at the pics from my two trips to there all the time and wonder why I don't go there every year! That place is amazing and you should realy try your hand at the Lake Trout up there!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. Soap, no eggs. It's usually hard to find eggs in males. Do you know something I don't know? :)